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Summer is here – but beware when water is near!

On Jan 02 2012

Spending time in the pool during the summer months is an Australian tradition but always remember ...

Spending time in the pool during the summer months is an Australian tradition but always remember safety for all regarding the backyard swimming pool.


No matter what size pool – lap pool or small children’s paddling pool – adults need to be vigilant at all times.


Australia now has uniform laws for fencing, which means all new pools and even spas must have a four-sided ‘isolated’ pool fence with an automatic  self-closing and self-locking system. A home wall is not allowed to be used as part of that boundary.

If you have the legal requirements for fencing, you will remember that portable pools capable of holding more than 30cm of water still require fencing.
Always be sure to remove any items such as chairs, boxes, and pool pumps that could be used to climb the barrier to access the pool.

Keep up to date with stringent guidelines for pool owners as some tough pool safety laws have been introduced to help reduce drowning as a leading cause to death in young children.

Review any maintenance and safety matters too as a matter of priority, and supervise children in and around the pool and spa AT ALL TIMES so you can all enjoy the summer.

Pool Safety Tips

Familiarise children with water by taking them to learn to swim lessons, run by accredited AUSTSWIM teachers, at the local pool. Water safety skills are an integral part of lessons.

Remember that supervision means constant visual contact, not the occasional glance. Even in a supervised public pool never take your eyes off children swimming and if they are under five you must be within an arm’s reach.

If you leave the pool or water area, even for a moment, take the children with you. A swimming pool fence is not a substitute for supervision.


Learn CPR and display a resuscitation chart on your pool fence.


Empty paddling pools when they are not in use.

Empty baths, basins, sinks, buckets and troughs anywhere around the home immediately after use.



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