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Sydney tree planting to boost air quality

On Jul 27 2012
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A green initiative from the City of Sydney aims to boost the CBDs foliage cover by 50 per cent in ...

A green initiative from the City of Sydney aims to boost the CBDs foliage cover by 50 per cent in the next two decades - radically improving the lives of thousands with cleaner air.

The city's lord mayor Clover Moore encouraged Sydneysiders to get involved in this Sunday's National Tree Day - helping Sydney achieve its environmental goal to minimise the impact of climate change.

The annual event sees a million trees planted around the country each year, with Sydney's focus this year being the Glebe foreshore.

"We have thousands of wattles, eucalypts, banksias, grevilleas, tea trees, sedges and native violets, broom, cherry and hop trees, and a mature brush box, ready to be planted along the Glebe foreshore," Ms Moore said.

Increasing the canopy cover will benefit the 177,000 people who live in the city's residential property with reduced pollution levels, resulting in cleaner air for Sydneysiders to breathe.

Ms Moore explained: "Trees are an important tool against climate change and help discount our household energy bills. Trees reduce cooling costs in summer and deciduous trees allow in winter sun, cutting the need for heating and lights."

The tree planting scheme is part of the city's Sustainable Sydney 2030 program, and will take place at the federal, jubilee and Harold parks on the Glebe foreshore this Sunday (July 29) from 1000.

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