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Are you aware of your local sustainability programs?

On Apr 10 2013
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This week the Australian Packaging Covenant (APC) has released a set of recommendations for local ...

This week the Australian Packaging Covenant (APC) has released a set of recommendations for local governments across Australia to help ensure that more packaging is recycled.

APC chief executive officer Stan Moore said "the APC is committed to finding effective solutions to increase recycling and decrease the amount of resources going to landfill.

"We will use the recommendations from this report and work with states and territories to fund initiatives which continue to drive the recycling rate upward."

This statement by the APC has once again brought the topic of property owners' environmental awareness.

In an article from late 2012, the Australian Property Council noted the importance of state and federal government agencies setting the example for sustainability, but that it is local and regional councils who are closest to the issues.

The council outlined the major programs at work in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane, highlighting each city's commitment to sustainability across residential and commercial property platforms.

With so many companies and groups dedicated to helping Australians improve the sustainability of their homes, rural properties and commercial interests, there are increased opportunities to learn about better practices around the home and community.

Organisations like the APC can make a huge contribution to environmental issues, as shown by the APC's 32.4 per cent increase contribution to overall recycling tonnes between 2005 and 2012.

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