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Backyard renovations: Ideas for revitalising your residential property for summer

On Aug 21 2013
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With summer coming up, now could be the perfect time to begin renovating the backyard of your ...

With summer coming up, now could be the perfect time to begin renovating the backyard of your residential property - after all, with the sunshine and good times coming our way, you'll want a space that can be enjoyed during those long, warm summer nights.

A classic staple of summer is the Sunday BBQ. Soaking up the rays with close friends and family, food sizzling away on a hot grill and lazily chatting the afternoon away sounds idyllic.

But for this dream to become a reality, you'll need to ensure that you have an appropriate space for your guests. If your residential property lacks a patio or deck, now could be the best time to begin looking into the costs of setting one up.

Building a deck is the bigger of the two investments, and would require you to seek the appropriate council permissions and building permits. Patios, on the other hand, can be done with relative ease - especially if you find some nice outdoor tiles or stones for cheap.

Furthermore, look into finding low hanging trees that can be used for strategically placed shade throughout your property. While they may not be placed too close to the general eating and entertaining area, giving children this natural shade option could never go amiss.

If you have a pool installed at your home, make sure that all the gates lock and you have the appropriate safety precautions in place before the blistering hot sun sends children and adults alike running for the water!

Ensuring that you have the right hygiene products for the swimming pool is also an essential pool accessory to get sooner rather than later. You don't want people getting sick or having irritated skin after taking a plunge!

Unless you stored your outdoor table away for the winter, chances are it could be looking a little worse for wear after the hectic winter weather ravishing.

One option is to simply replace the table - however, with a little elbow grease, some sandpaper and a fresh coat of paint, that table will be looking brand new and spectacular in no time.

Investing in solar power lights for any paths you may have in your backyard could also be a good idea. With a (hopeful) abundance of sun on its way, you'll be able to illuminate your backyard without effort - making it the perfect place to spend the warm summer evenings with your loved ones.

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