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Being a savvy renter

On Dec 02 2013
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In many places around Australia, especially capital cities like Sydney and Melbourne, competition ...

In many places around Australia, especially capital cities like Sydney and Melbourne, competition is fierce for rental accommodation.

Rising costs and demand for great premises means many prospective tenants often feel like they just have to take what’s offered in case it’s their only option.

Tenants who have a proven track record of paying their rent on time, being tidy and generally looking after the property keep their landlord happy.

Despite the tight market, some savvy tenants avoid or minimise rent rises by keeping their landlords so happy they don’t want to risk losing them or having empty premises for any length of time.

You can become one of these must have tenants too and, given time, may even be in a good position to not have rent increased if the landlord can see more value in having you stay put.

If your rental agreement allows for a person or two to share the accommodation then do it.

You need to ensure an extra tenant is added to the tenancy agreement.

Make sure you speak with your LJ Hooker property manager before, during and after the process to ensure they are on board with your flatmate choice as well.  

A house or unit with no parking or garage means the rent’s often cheaper.

If there is a garage and you’re not using it, then there’s another potential source of extra income – provided the landlord doesn’t mind!

Your local LJ Hooker property manager should always be asked first to ensure you’re not in breach of a tenancy agreement.

Another way to find rental accommodation is go searching in less obvious places as there’s less competition from other would-be renters.

You can also ask your local LJ Hooker office to register your interest for properties before they’re even listed.

That way, you might get a call before it’s even advertised saving the owner time and money while you secure a new place to call home without the hassles.

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