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Creating an inviting and fresh entrance

On Mar 12 2013
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  • Residential Property

So your property looks great from the street and prospective buyers are interested enough to hop ...

So your property looSell your propertyks great from the street and prospective buyers are interested enough to hop out of their cars to come in for a closer look….but how do you maintain their interest and ensure they have the right feeling about your property as they enter your home?


Step 2 – Creating an inviting and fresh entrance

Emotional appeal is critical when selling a property and the feeling generated in the entrance echoes through the house, we see it time and time again on people’s faces when our agents greet them at the front door – so spend a few hours on improving this area and you’ll create the right energy at your main entrance that will help sell your property.


Sell your propertyWe are all very visual perople and therefore I think the best way to explain what you should consider doing in this space is to show you 2 examples of inviting entrances from properties sold recently by LJ Hooker


There are two different types of entrances that are showcased so you can compare.


In summary these properties have:


  •  A freshly painted front door and surrounding structure which make them look fresh and inviting
  • Polished / clean front door knob and window handles
  • Potted plants on either side of the front door and neat landscaping along the entry path
  • All the external lights work as well as the door bell
  • A clearly visible property number
  • A new door mat
  • A clean and tidy entry and a path which is neatly swept
  • A feeling of light and space which can be easily created by opening all shutters, doors and windows.

Next week we share with you some tips and examples on how to refresh one of the most important rooms in your home – the kitchen.


We would love to hear what you did to your entrance to improve it – share your experience on our Google+ Page LJ Hooker on Google+



If you are thinking about selling your property and want to learn more about the process - get in touch with your closest LJ Hooker Office to discuss your needs and how we can achieve the results you want.


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