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Heart of the Home

On Jul 01 2013
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The kitchen is far more than a room for preparing meals and storing food. It’s often the ...

The kitchen is far more than a room for preparing meals and storing food.

It’s often the focal point of a family home where everyone gathers around the table to discuss their day and eat together. Well, that’s the romantic perception, anyway!

In busy families, the kitchen is often just a room for a quick bite before work or school at the breakfast bar rather than the hub of leisurely dining activity.

No matter how little or how much you and your family or housemates commune under the one roof, it’s highly likely the kitchen is often the gathering place.

Getting the design and look of a kitchen right can even make the difference between selling and not selling a home.

So if you can manage to get the design of the kitchen right, chances are that you’ll also reap the reward at sale time.


Kitchen design tips 

  • Design a kitchen that will appeal to a broad market in safe, neutral colours. Its design should include classic textures rather than materials that may be in vogue now, but will quickly date
  • Incorporate loads of cupboard and pantry storage so benches remain uncluttered and clean
  • Quality fittings for taps and sinks add to the visual appeal. And when it comes to appliances, it’s also safe to assume that quality items will outlast their cheaper alternatives. The same can be assumed for cupboards and doors
  • If space is at a premium, a galley-style kitchen is often the best alternative
  • If space permits, a kitchen with an island bench and enough clearance space to walk around freely between the fridge, oven and bench tops is ideal

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