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Home loan assessment time is right now

On Oct 01 2013
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Current low interest rates means there’s never been a better time to reassess your investment ...

Current low interest rates means there’s never been a better time to reassess your investment loan.

LJ Hooker Home Loans offer very competitive rates as well as flexibility with a range of options to ensure your investment home loan is designed to help meet your specific financial goals.

The interest only loans allow you to build wealth by tapping into your existing home equity. This gives you the freedom to commence investment in property, shares or even increasing a current investment property portfolio. The credit limit remains constant for the 10-year interest only period before rolling over to the remaining loan term.

Another advantage the LJ Hooker Home Loan offering provides is investors can borrow up to 95 per cent of their property value including lender’s mortgage insurance. This means just five per cent of genuine savings are needed so you can start investing sooner!

Other features the award winning LJ Hooker Home Loans offer are options for fixed rates, offset facilities and flexible repayment options such as BPay, direct debit or salary crediting.

Overseas investors are also welcome to take up an LJ Hooker Home Loan.

Paul O’Regan head of LJ Hooker Home Loans says, “I’ve been in the lending and real estate profession for some time now and I can honestly say what we offer here at LJ Hooker is extremely competitive.

“Apart from flexibility, standard features and a range of optional extras we also have competitive products and quick approvals.

“For example, our Kick Start Plus Investment Loan variable rate is just 5.09* per cent compared with a comparison rate of 5.51* per cent.

“We also have an award winning team of home loan writers around the nation offering personalised service second to none,” Mr O’Regan said.

To find out more visit LJ Hooker Home Loans or phone 1300 515 200.
(*Correct at time of publication)

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