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Independent survey highlights benefits for Melbourne's East West Link

On Oct 31 2013
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Melbourne's population is expected to reach six million over the next 30years and a number of ...

Melbourne's population is expected to reach six million over the next 30years and a number of developments have begun in order to help cope with the massive influx of people into the Victorian capital city.

One of these massive infrastructure projects is the development of the East West Link, which aims to reduce the amount of traffic congestion on busy Melbourne roads. This could be great for those looking into buying a house in the suburbs of the city.

The East West Link is an 18 kilometre freeway which is designed to provide much-needed alternative roading from the heavily-used Monash and West Gate freeways.

By reducing the reliance on these freeways, the City of Melbourne will become a far more functional and streamlined region to travel through.

This has a number of benefits, including the economic growth that will be come with construction jobs and the owners of local commercial property near the area.

For example, this will allow for people working in the central business district to consider property further out of the city, due to the development of both the East West Link and the massive overhaul of public transport systems in the region.

The Comprehensive Impact Statement (CIS) for the East West Link, has recently indicated that when the project is completed, congestion on busy roads like Alexandra Parade will be reduced by 30 per cent. Without the development of the East West link, this would increase by 10 per cent.

Furthermore, a forecast made by the report highlights that the road toll in the city will grow to more than 100,000 vehicles per day once the population growth has settled.

Not only will the East West Link help to reduce the amount of congestion on the streets, but it will also remove the hazard of traffic around residential property in the outer reaches of the city - making it a safer place for first home buyers to raise their children.

The study also demonstrated the benefits for local amenities of moving private traffic onto the link. By reducing their burden on the main streets, this will help improve the local residents use of public transport, cycling lanes and sidewalks.

With an increasing emphasis on using alternative modes of transport and spurring on a more sustainable lifestyle, this movement of traffic and the subsequent encouragement to use public transport aligns with these desires perfectly.

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