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Make your home seem bigger

On Sep 01 2013
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  • Residential Property

It’s the pitch that many real estate agents rely on when selling a house: “Just look at ...

It’s the pitch that many real estate agents rely on when selling a house: “Just look at all the open space!”

The problem is, you can’t just make space out of thin air. Fortunately, there are a handful of design tips that will make it seem as though you have more space and more room than you really do.


This may help you to sell your home. When someone is considering buying a house, they are trying to imagine the lifestyle that comes with living in such a fantastic, roomy place.

One way that the professionals achieve the illusion of more space is to allow as much light into the home as possible. There are a few ways to achieve this perception.

The first, obviously, is to make sure those curtains are pulled all the way back. Something that may not be so obvious, however, is the windows themselves - are they spotless? Dirt can easily build up and create a layer of grime that stops some of that sunlight streaming into the room.

If you only have a limited number of windows in a space, you can help any level of natural light bounce around a room by adding mirrors into your decor. A stylish and modern mirror acts as a light enhancer, and an interesting piece of art.

Another way to utilise the natural light within your house - while simultaneously suggesting that a room is bigger than it really is - is to add a lighter coloured paint to the walls. Not only will the lighter colour make the space seem more airy, if you choose a semi-gloss paint then any light will better reflect off the walls - much in the same way that a mirror works, only to a lesser extent.

Lastly, have you ever noticed how after a tidy-up your room seems so much larger?

Emulate this feeling for people when they come into your home by not just having a good tidy-up, but actually putting away anything that might clutter up the space.

It’s easy to build up piles of knick-knacks in a home but if you pop these things into a cupboard or storage area for the duration of your open home inspections, then the space difference can help increase the appearance of your home and potentially help you gain a sale price you are happy with.

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