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National Rental Affordability Scheme offers investment opportunities in Queensland

On Nov 13 2013
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If you've ever considered purchasing investment property in Queensland, now could be the ...

If you've ever considered purchasing investment property in Queensland, now could be the perfect time to give it serious thought, as the latest release from the National Rental Affordability Scheme (NRAS) show that the 2,000 dwelling threshold has been broken.

Housing Minister Tim Mander said the latest 12 affordable housing dwellings in Beenleigh breached the milestone.

The NRAS is part of the Housing 2020 vision in the state, with projects like Beenleigh being "a godsent for people who may otherwise be facing a long wait for social housing".

"NRAS properties fill an important gap in the market for people who may not be considered high-needs, but who still struggle to find an affordable place to live," said Mr Mander in a November 12 statement.

"The Newman government promised to revitalise frontline services for families. That’s particularly important when it comes to helping people on low or modest incomes."

The scheme, which was introduced in 2008, aims to provide affordable housing for low income families by incentivising investment from the business sector or community organisations to provide real estate for these uses.

Overall, the Australian government hopes to stimulate the construction of 50,000 high quality homes and apartments in order to give families across the nation a chance to secure their own, private rental residence.

The rent charged for these properties cannot be more than 80 per cent of the market rent in the surrounding area, leading to many of these families saving over $90 a week - which can make a huge difference.

"Building 2,000 properties in five years is a fantastic effort from the team at NAHC, not to mention a great result for Queenslanders," said Mr Mander.

Furthermore, the Chief Executive Officer for the National Affordable Housing Consortium, Mike Myers, said that there are another 1,000 properties sitting in the construction pipeline, in order to help house as many families as possible in the future.

"Our job is to make sure Queensland has a flexible, efficient and supportive housing system that gives all Queenslanders the dignity that comes from having a safe and affordable place to call home," said Mr Myers in a November 12 statement.

This could offer a great opportunity for potential investors looking into buying a house in Queensland, giving you the chance to aid the affordable housing cause in the state and provide accommodation for low income families.

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