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Preparing your home for the best

On Jun 01 2013
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  • Residential Property

When preparing to sell your home, thoughtful planning doesn’t simply come down to researching ...

When preparing to sell your home, thoughtful planning doesn’t simply come down to researching the latest property sales and deciding on an asking price.

Properly preparing your home to appeal to the widest spectrum of purchasers and tastes involves good presentation.

As you see your home inside and out, seven days a week, it’s often wise to ask a friend to come over for a third party inspection and highlight imperfections which may impact on your bargaining power. You’ll be surprised how easily and cost effectively many of the imperfections can be fixed, improving your opportunities at sale time. Presenting a well maintained home is important to buyers. If loose tiles, wall cracks or frayed carpet are obviously visible, buyers will get the impression that the home has been poorly maintained.

Give your garden a good water leading up to an open house – acknowledging your area’s water restrictions – so your lawns and shrubs have a healthy, green look. Also take the time to remove weeds from garden beds, paths and entry gates. 

Another tip is to de-clutter your home, especially of items which are unsightly, regardless of the sentimental value. Ripped, albeit comfy, armchairs should be hidden alongside messy magazine racks. Vendors should think about conveying a spacious, comfortable scene which prospective buyers can imagine as their own.

On Saturday mornings, many vendors set up the kitchen or living room to make it look like it should on a weekend morning with newspapers splayed on a table, flowers and juice. This scene helps potential buyers visualise what it would be like to enjoy the house on a weekend morning, the most pleasurable time of the week.

A little bit of effective and strategic housekeeping to create a homely, comfortable and spacious living environment could make the difference between selling or not selling. It could even result in a higher sale price.

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