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Retrofitted commercial buildings in Melbourne increase

On Dec 12 2013
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A new report released by the City of Melbourne has revealed that a number commercial buildings in ...

A new report released by the City of Melbourne has revealed that a number commercial buildings in the Victorian capital are being retrofitted in order to become more sustainable.

This could be great news for anyone looking into the option of purchasing commercial property in the city who wants to adopt a cleaner, greener approach to their business ventures.

The report, titled '1200 Buildings, Melbourne Retrofit Survey 2013', found that 25 per cent of the 289 buildings surveyed had made significant changes to their systems since 2008.

According to the findings, lighting was the most common feature to be upgraded.

Following this, building management systems, metering,chillers and boilers were all some of the more regularly upgraded areas, according to the survey.

The survey stated that if these findings were expanded to the entire sample taken during the project (2,256), then as many as 560 buildings across the city could be undertaking sustainable retrofitting in order to align themselves with cleaner, greener practises.

In 2013, approximately 5 per cent of the buildings surveyed were in the process of retrofitting. A further 16 per cent said they were planning on undertaking the procedure in the next five years, a significant increase from 10 per cent back in 2011.

Furthermore, 32 per cent intend on retrofitting by 2018. These results point towards a city that is becoming far more aware of its effect on the environment, and beginning to take steps towards preventing any more damage and reducing the chances of further harm.

Environment Portfolio Chair Councillor Arron Wood said the survey was being used to take the city's "temperature" with regards to retrofitting, which will allow for more government involvement for funding the changes.

"We applaud the buildings that have already embraced these changes and we will continue to work with other building managers through programs like 1200 Buildings to encourage more of this activity," said Mr Wood in a December 10 statement.

The City of Melbourne has had its sustainability efforts recognised in a number of ways recently, including the C40 Awards in London and from the Energy Efficiency Council Industry Awards.

With such an emphasis on sustainability, now could be the perfect time for environmentally-minded people to consider Melbourne as the next stop for their business. Taking the initiative to secure commercial real estate in the city and getting involved in the retrofitting scheme could be a great way to develop your dreams while helping to reduce the nation's carbon footprint.

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