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Stop your bank balance falling along with the temperature

On May 01 2013
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  • Residential Property

As it gets colder, it’s tempting to just take the lazy option and turn up the heater. But ...

As it gets colder, it’s tempting to just take the lazy option and turn up the heater.

But rising energy consumption brings significant pitfalls, both for the environment and the household’s monthly budget.


It is so easy to lower energy use in colder months by simply:


  • Closing doors to rooms not in use
  • Pulling curtains shut when you leave home
  • Ensuring the ceiling is well insulated
  • Sealing gaps in the walls to prevent drafts
  • Using the reverse switch on ceiling fans to push hot air down.


Helping home owners cut their power bills and energy consumption has been a strong focus of LJ Hooker.

Twelve months ago, LJ Hooker launched its Liveability website which empowers property owners, investors and renters with knowledge and tips on how to live sustainably.

LJ Hooker’s knowledge partners contributed to Liveability, including Bond University’s School of Sustainable Development, the Australian Institute of Architects, Master Builders Green Living, Australian Association of Sustainable Building Assessors and Alternative Technology Association.

Now, LJ Hooker can help you reduce water and energy consumption, do sustainable renovations and even offer advice on a water efficient garden.

How do you think your home stacks up in the sustainability stakes?
Liveability offers users the opportunity to understand how their lifestyles impact on their energy consumption.

Click on the easy reference table @ www.liveability.com.au/little-things/ to find out how you can live more sustainably.

Apart from being better for the environment, living more sustainably saves you money.

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