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Survey suggests pet-landlord partnership can work

On Jan 02 2013
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We have encouraging news for pet owners and pet-friendly landlords with a recent survey of about ...

We have encouraging news for pet owners and pet-friendly landlords with a recent survey of about 300 LJ Hooker agents and property managers supporting the benefits of establishing rental conditions which accommodate pets.


Many of our experienced property managers believe that landlords, tenants and pets can have a harmonious relationship if clear ground rules are set.


While we recognise that some of you are wary of accepting pets, either based on past experiences or tales you have heard, undesirable outcomes may be averted through clear expectations and a quality property management service.


The survey indicated that most tenant enquiry related to a sole pet, with a small to medium dog being the most popular.


More prospective pet-owning tenants accepted keeping their animal outdoors than those requiring internal access or the ability to restrict pets to internal areas. Dog owners rated secure outdoor fencing as high priority.



While there is no national standard around rental agreements dealing with pets, those agreements specifying cleaning expectations and ‘pet bonds’ or similar were viewed favourably.


Five times more tenants supported a ‘pet application’ process with references and emergency contacts than did not.


Based on Australian Bureau of Statistics reports, 63 per cent of Australia’s households include pets, with 53 percent of non-pet owning Australians wanting to do so in the future.


With the demand for rental property high, we suspect that many tenant households are or would like to be pet-owning.


The decision to accept a pet tenant is yours alone, however as the survey results showed, increasing the availability of pet-friendly rental accommodation is desirable to tenants.


Our experience suggests that a combination of clear rules, regular and thorough property inspections and a property well set up to accommodate a pet may provide you with a quality long-term tenant who values, respects and maintains the home they live in.

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