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30-year Queensland water strategy outlined

On Jun 25 2014
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The launching of the the WaterQ strategy is set to ensure a more secure and affordable water ...

The launching of the the WaterQ strategy is set to ensure a more secure and affordable water network for current and future Queenslanders. 

According to the Queensland Department of Energy and Water Supply report, the strategy "provides a high-level framework that will continually adjust to reflect changing community interests and aspirations, support a growing economy, protect the environment and keep pace with innovation and technology." 

If these ambitious goals are fulfilled, it will make purchasing rural real estate in the state a top priority for both investors and ordinary buyers. 

"Queensland's history, climate and growth demonstrates the critical need to properly plan for and manage drought and flood so families can continue to grow and prosper," Minister for Energy and Water Supply Mark McArdle​ explained in a June 24 statement. 

He added: "Our strong plan will be an insurance policy against a future water supply crisis, creating a brighter, more secure future for our children and grandchildren."

Strategy responds to unique challenges

The WaterQ plan will put in place a plan to adequately deal with the unique requirements of Queensland's life. 

One of these is the Queensland's diversity. The water sector in the state is owned and operated by a variety of entities, including local governments, the state government and businesses. At the same time, regions vary massively in size, from remote areas to regions boasting population figures that creep into the millions.

At the same time, the growth in Queensland's population means energy demands are also rising. According to figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the year to 2013 saw Queensland's population grow by 1.9 per cent, the third-fastest growth of all Australian states and territories.

According to the report, this population will grow from the 4.5 million people reported in the 2011 census to anywhere between 7-8.9 million by 2044. This is a result of a combination of birth rates and more people moving to the state and buying a property.

Consequently, the power industry needs to generate more electricity for this rising population, which requires large volumes of water. 

Solutions offered

WaterQ provides a seven-pronged solution to these challenges.

Among other things it will implement a more efficient and productive use of water, ensuring that less water and energy is used, and thus keeping costs down for consumers. It will also work with the private sector to stimulate technological innovation, helping to improve how water is used in the state, and ensure sufficient water is available everywhere. 

It will also make sure the water sector employs the best and brightest to deliver their services. 

First time buyers considering buying in the state should know what they can expect. Over the next five years, the strategy will encourage flexible pricing in the sector, provide a greater choice of products, and enhance customers' knowledge of the services available. 

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