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Adding a touch of personality to your new home

On Feb 21 2014
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If you have just moved into a new residential property, you may be thinking about ways to make ...

If you have just moved into a new residential property, you may be thinking about ways to make the spaces in your new home feel like yours. Once all the furniture is moved in, it may seem as though a crucial element is missing. Hanging art or pictures on the walls is the perfect way to add a personal touch to any room. Whether it is a grand piece of artwork or a few sentimental photos, the difference can be huge.

Hanging pictures can be a stressful process but by following a few simple guidelines it can be more fun than fraught. 

Select the hooks

Picture hanging hooks are the most effective for displaying artwork, as the picture will sit more comfortably on the wall. Choosing the correct hook for the weight of the picture is essential. Use two hooks for each picture so it is hanging from two points rather than one. This will likely require a leveller to avoid an uneven result. 

If you don't want to make any holes in your walls, or are living in a rental property, consider using temporary and removable adhesive hooks. Make sure you check with your landlord before you proceed. 

Recruit help

The easiest way to ensure that the picture looks perfect on the wall is to stand back and admire it from afar. Recruit someone, such as a flatmate, family member or friend, to help with this. Ask your helper to hold the picture up while you consider whether the placement works on the wall and with the rest of the room. This might also be an opportunity to get a second opinion. 

Get out the measuring tape

When hanging a picture it is best practice to get out the measuring tape. For optimal placement, the centre of a singular picture should be 150 cms from the ground or a common eye level. When hanging multiple pieces the spaces between each picture should be even. For small pictures this may mean 2 to 3 cms apart and 5 cms for larger pictures.

Be creative

The latest trend for hanging on walls is eclectic - hanging multiple pieces in a group but avoiding using the traditional grid. This might mean choosing favourite photos and prints to go alongside a piece of art. The trick, for what is being called a gallery wall, is to start with a central piece and fan outwards from the middle. This sort of wall can add flare and personality to any room - the only rule here is to have fun. 

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