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Are you letting your packing get on top of you?

On Mar 19 2014
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Whether you are buying or selling a house, at some point you are going to have to tackle the ...

Whether you are buying or selling a house, at some point you are going to have to tackle the difficult task of moving in or out.  

Here are some tips for those first time buyers making a move or even the most seasoned of movers.

How much can you do on your own?

Professional removalists can be very helpful but also quite expensive. Although it is great to have help with the heavy lifting, they generally charge by the hour and getting them to pack the whole house can be very time-consuming. 

Consider areas that are easy to pack first, there might even be rooms such as bedrooms and bathrooms that have an array of personal items you might prefer to do yourself anyway. 

Kitchens are difficult as there are a number of breakables and small items, so it might be best to leave this room until last for the professionals to take over.

When it comes to delicate items such as antiques or artworks, movers can be a little bit rough so make sure you pre-warn them or do these items yourself.

If you are moving the whole family, employ younger children to help by turning the task into a game. Try getting older children onboard with incentives that might motivate them to help out. 

How early can you start?

When you are selling or buying a property, moving day might be months after settlement occurs, giving you plenty of packing time. Even if settlement day is weeks or months away, it's best to start packing as soon as possible.

Starting early means you can take breaks when all the cardboard boxes, bubble wrap and adhesive tape gets the better of you. Begin by packing items you won't need to use before moving day and leave the necessary items until the last minute. 

With winter fast approaching even packing up little items like those spare thongs and swimmers early can reduce the last minute rush. 

How organised do you need to be?

An organised packing regime will mean far less stress at the other end of the move. Labelling boxes will help you identify them quicker and know exactly what room they are to be relocated to.

If you have accidently put something in a box that you need before the move, a label will also help you locate it easily. 

It might also be high time to clear out all the clutter you have accumulated since you moved into your current residential property. Think about creating 'keep' and 'bin' boxes to sort out your possessions or take your unneeded items to the nearest charity shop.

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