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Decluttering to sell your home

On Feb 28 2014
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When it comes time to sell your property, clutter might be holding you back. By removing ...

When it comes time to sell your property, clutter might be holding you back. 

By removing excess furniture and personal belongings, you can showcase your home's features and make each room look its best. 

Decluttering can be a difficult process as you may have become attached or accustomed to the way your home looks. Fortunately, there are many ways to make the process easy.


It is difficult for a potential buyer to visualise themselves in your home if your personal items are scattered all over the place.

This means you should identify things such as family photos and personal trinkets that are unnecessary and store them away. At open inspections a number of strangers will be coming through your home, so you might find it is better not to have your personal life on display. 

However, don't make it too sterile, leave items such as art and decorative furnishings to make your home warm and inviting. 

Removing your personal belongings may also help with any lingering emotional attachment you have with the home you are selling. 

Returning rooms to their main function

If you have been utilising a spare space for alternative purposes, it can be difficult for a buyer to place each room back to its original function in their mind. Remove items that alter the use of a room and may distract buyers, such as boxes in storage rooms or gym equipment in guest bedrooms or living areas. 

Instead of using one of your spare rooms as an area to store unused items or boxes, hire or buy some furniture to turn it into a guest bedroom.

Remember that when buying a property, people are generally looking for bedrooms and extra space, so it might be best to showcase what your home really has to offer.

Box it up or throw it away

Prepare for moving day by getting a jump-start on the packing. Box up all the excess and consider getting rid of anything that is redundant.

Take a trip to the dump with items that are no longer useable or find a charity bin and do a good deed while you sort your possessions. 

Decluttering your home can have a similar effect on your mind, so combat any moving stress with a good purge. 

Send to storage

Try to avoid stuffing closets and other spaces as buyers often check these areas to see if storage is an issue. 

Hire a storage shed or utilise a friend's garage instead. Space is a premium feature that many homebuyers desire, so make sure your home has plenty of it.

If you are trying to sell your property, maximise its potential by decluttering and reorganising. This may seem like a bit of a task at first, but the hard work pays off. 

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