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Expert tips for a top kitchen

On Mar 01 2014
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In this extract from The Block judge Darren Palmer’s monthly feature for myLJHooker, the ...

In this extract from The Block judge Darren Palmer’s monthly feature for myLJHooker, the interior designer provides his guide to an attractive and functional kitchen.

Kitchens are the heart of the home and one of the most valuable and functionally important rooms of a property.

I always draw plans to scale and play around with to-scale shapes that represent modules of cupboards or drawers (I favour drawers under bench wherever possible, as you gain access to things more easily giving you more usable storage).

Once you’ve worked out the optimum possible configuration for your storage, look at the triangle rule that most kitchens are created around.

It is important to take into consideration the practical usage components: for example, can you access the fridge; are the sink and cooktop/oven within a step of each other?

I once created a kitchen for a couple where the female owner was 5’9” and the male was 5’2”. Their brief was to have normal benchtop heights for her, but no over bench storage for him. That meant having large banks of drawers running along one wall which gave them ample storage for their plates, glasses, pots and storage.

Another good rule of thumb is to create no less than 1.2m of usable bench space as a block. If you have a galley kitchen and need to put the sink and cooktop in the same bench, position the sink at one end with the cooktop as far away at the other end as practical. Pushing the two inclusions apart will give you the most usable bench space, making your cooking and food preparation experiences easier and more efficient.

There are many great internal hardware fittings that make your kitchen more functional too. Pullout pantries are common, but they’re not all created equal. Look at how much food you can actually store with them before deciding.

Appliances play a major role in your kitchen, so if you’re going to spend money somewhere, this is the place. There are many good quality options at each price point, but whatever you decide to use, always buy appliances that can be fully integrated to mask their size and function. If you have too many things that catch your attention you can have a visually cluttered kitchen. It’s best to keep things streamlined and behind closed doors wherever possible.

To read the full article and see how Darren transformed a tired old kitchen into an ultra-modern space go to myljhooker.com.au

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