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Garden trends in bloom

On Feb 02 2014
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  • Residential Property

Whether you're a first time buyer or are looking to spruce up your existing home, a beautiful ...

Whether you're a first time buyer or are looking to spruce up your existing home, a beautiful garden is one way to make your humble abode more inviting.

Residential real estate may even benefit in the long-term if you give the garden a makeover, as this could help improve the property's resale value.

Go vertical

One of the latest garden trends rejects the ground.

While the traditional garden grows from the ground upwards - think flower beds, shrubbery and trees - this latest craze thinks out of the box and climbs toward the sky.

Gardens that grow vertically embrace a property's boundary walls and any internal walls, allowing plants to creep upwards, creating an incredibly lush outdoor space.

Some of these vertical gardens are even popping up on the inside, in concept stores and shops! However, we'll stick with outdoor gardens - for now.

The vertical garden trend is all about greenery. You'll want to select shrubbery in a whole spectrum of verdant tones so that it really pops.

If getting creepers to grow up walls is difficult, there are other clever options available.

Create a grid on your backyard wall with wire, then hang a potted plant against the wall in each space created. You can grow herbs such as chives and mint in these wall-creeping pots, or fill them with brightly coloured flowers in shades of magenta and buttercup yellow.

This hanging garden won't get trampled by young children or curious dogs, either, due to its elevated nature. Furthermore, it's incredibly easy to water, and there's no more stooping over to collect the fragrant herbs that have sprouted up in your herb collection.

Neutral hues

A garden is often considered a bright space, but neutral tones such as grey and beige also blend well into an outdoor colour palette.

These colours can give a sense of serenity to a garden and often reference nature's own colours.

Wicker chairs that match the colour of the soil are a clever addition to a garden - you get to adopt some classic neutral hues with minimal effort.

Overhead canopies or vertical columns made of rustic-looking beige stone are understated yet trendy. Look out for them if you're a first home buyer and be sure to check that they're structurally sound.

Steps and pavers come in a range of designs, but sometimes simple is best. Consider dark slate-coloured steps or pavers with a brushed finish to lend your garden a chic charm.

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