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Gippsland Food Plan highlights growing demand for exports overseas

On Mar 31 2014
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Anyone looking into purchasing rural property in Victoria in the near future could be interested to ...

Anyone looking into purchasing rural property in Victoria in the near future could be interested to hear about the latest plan from the state government, which aims to capitalise on the growing demand for high quality food items overseas. The Gippsland Food Plan was announced late last week (March 28) by Peter Ryan, Victorian Deputy Premier and Minister for Regional and Rural Development. 

Speaking at the annual Farm World event, Mr Ryan said this plan would be an essential part of the continued development of the region's agriculture industry, while helping to push Australian products to the rest of the world. 

There are four main points of the plan that Mr Ryan outlined as the main goals of the operation. The promotion and growth of the region as an agricultural powerhouse was the main goal. In achieving this, the state aims to attract a wide variety of investment and aid the growth of the local economy in the long run. 

Furthermore, the development of infrastructure to help these developments and the wider community was the second goal for the plan. The third goal is innovation and creation to help make the practises and equipment used more appropriate and streamlined in the long term, while advocacy and policy development will help to keep the region ahead of the market and ready for any impending legislation changes in the future.

"The plan will enable local food industries to increase their contribution to the economy, whether it's on-farm production, manufacturing and processing, or value adding. It will stimulate investment in Gippsland by promoting our competitive strengths and reputation for producing high quality products," said Mr Ryan in a March 28 statement. 

Mr Ryan went on to say that by 2030, the number of consumers in Asia with access to the money to afford these imported foods will have grown to 3.5 billion people - over six times the current number. This is a great investment opportunity over the next few decades, as the growing Asian middle class is always looking for high quality food products.

Under the Regional Growth Fund, the Victorian government will commit $250,000 to the development of the Gippsland Food Plan. 

"Since it was established in early 2011, the Regional Growth Fund has invested more than $394 million to support almost 1,400 projects across regional and rural Victoria, leveraging $1.57 billion in total investment," said Mr Ryan. 

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