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Mitigating tenant issues

On Jan 01 2014
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  • Residential Property

There are several legal scenarios that can arise from property management. However, LJ Hooker ...

There are several legal scenarios that can arise from property management.

However, LJ Hooker property managers are trained in making you and your tenants aware of the legal obligations of each party from the outset, minimising the chance of a legal issue in the future.

The condition reports and lease are likely to be the most important documents during the entire tenancy process. Choosing LJ Hooker makes sure all the initial paperwork is prepared correctly.

We can also take quick, effective action if any legal issues arise during the rental period. These can include handling complaints from neighbours, taking the necessary steps to avoid vacant possession, serving notices if a tenant does not pay rent and a variety of other situations.

As a landlord, you may find that disputes over late rent – or situations where rent has not been paid at all – have the potential to become difficult. We work to help diffuse these situations and come up with fair, objective compromises and solutions that take the needs of all parties into account.

In the event your property has been damaged and you need to appear before a tribunal, we can either handle the matter on your behalf or work with you to achieve a satisfactory outcome.

We make sure you are informed on all relevant legal matters, and your questions are always welcome.

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