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Protect your homes from burglars this Christmas

On Dec 01 2014
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As the congested highways and busy airports around Australia will prove later this month, the ...

As the congested highways and busy airports around Australia will prove later this month, the Christmas – New Year period is a time when many of us decide to travel away for an annual holiday.

But there is more involved in preparing for that annual trip than simply packing enough beach towels or finding minders for the family cat.

Burglars are opportunistic in their activity; during Christmas, they are on the prowl.

Here are some tips to better protect your home during the holiday season.

Check and secure all locks

If you have faulty locks on any doors or windows or other entry points, replace them before you head off on your travels. When leaving, double check that all the locks are secured, and have another family member check as well. If you have a security system, make sure it is operational.


Thieves are drawn to dark spaces which hide their activity. A well lit yard and house will help highlight thieves to your neighbours.

Strategically positioned sensor lights are also a good option.

Christmas decorations

Positioning Christmas trees prominently in front windows will capture the attention of passers-by, particularly potential thieves. The thieves will also be drawn to the beautifully presented gifts underneath. Consider bringing out the presents the night before or morning of Christmas Day (it will also stop the kids from shaking the gifts and trying to sneak a peek).

Be wise with your wrapping

We may all be excited about the new large screen television sitting under the tree, and just as excited to get the bulky packaging it came in out of the house. But displaying the cardboard box it came in, complete with its make and style on the front kerb next to the garbage bin is bait for thieves. The better idea is to rip up the cardboard box into various pieces and place in a black plastic bag before the next garbage collection.

Don’t be too social

While the holidays are a time for us all to enjoy each other’s company, be circumspect in how you share your adventures.

Displaying Instagram photos from New York or checking in to your Facebook account from Fiji lets everyone know you’re not home. Don’t rely on privacy settings on social media to protect your home. Wait until you’ve returned home, then share your holiday snaps.

Ring the mailman

Having Christmas cards spilling out of the mailbox is an obvious sign no one is home. Think about redirecting or getting a hold put on your mail. And cancel newspaper deliveries, or ask your next door neighbour to take the newspaper off the front lawn.

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