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Spring clean for quality tenants

On Sep 01 2014
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  • Residential Property

A thorough spring clean can help you find top quality tenants. If your rental property has been ...

A thorough spring clean can help you find top quality tenants.

If your rental property has been vacant for a few weeks through winter, this may even mean a fresh approach is in order.

How do potential tenants perceive your property? If you’re uncertain, consult others including friends, real estate agents or even styling professionals.

Review the photos you have used to showcase your rental property.

When you have owned a property for some time it can be hard to see what might turn potential tenants off so get someone less personally involved to walk through the property.

It’s hard to talk ‘spring’ without thinking ‘gardens’. The front garden makes the first impression but make the story last throughout.

Spring-cleaning is simply that: a good thorough sparkling clean.

Try not to store your personal items at your rental property. While you may own the property, you’re trying to convince a quality tenant that it could be where they live.

Kitchens and bathrooms are important points so do what you can to make these areas appear bright, clean, spacious and uncluttered.

Present clean paint work. If you can stretch to new paintwork, go for contemporary colour schemes. Display homes will be a good guide.

When it comes to pets, it’s a two way bet as to how tenants will react. If you want to demonstrate that your property could be pet-friendly, strategically display a new cat bed or kennel, for example.

There is a myriad of other ‘little’ things you might do... it’s good to talk to your property manager to find out more tips on securing a quality, long-term tenant.

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