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Styling can attract good tenants, too

On Nov 01 2014
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A survey of LJ Hooker’s top sales agents showed more than half believe thoughtful styling can ...

A survey of LJ Hooker’s top sales agents showed more than half believe thoughtful styling can improve a home’s sale price by up to five per cent. But their perspectives are also important for landlords wanting to attract discerning tenants.

Almost all of LJ Hooker’s top 50 agents believed styling increased the sale price, while 92% believed it influenced a quicker sale, and 88% believed it triggered multiple offers through private treaty and more bidders on auction day.


And the worst mistakes sellers made when trying to sell their properties was cluttering kitchen bench spaces and leaving indoor pet accessories for prospective buyers to notice.


Styling can include anything which makes existing living spaces more attractive, such as fresh paint, de-cluttering and trimming gardens.

Clearing up cluttered spaces and removing unwanted smells from properties were the most important things for sellers, and should be duly noted by landlords seeking quality tenants as well. Clutter can make some already small rooms appear even smaller, while signs of indoor pets were a turn-off.

And while unwanted smells needed to be masked, introducing what may be considered an alluring smell, can likewise be off-putting. In short, putting out fresh flowers, baked bread or freshly brewed coffee won’t find the right buyer, nor will it find the right tenant.

The face of myLJHooker and judge of The Block, Darren Palmer, believes disguising a seller or landlord’s attachment to a house is important in attracting a suitable buyer or tenant. Leaving out personal items such as photographs during inspections only re-enforces the fact that the property belongs to someone else.


If you have any questions about how to best present your rental property, contact your property manager at LJ Hooker today.

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