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Canberra star wins real estate’s best job

Canberra star wins real estate’s best job

By Stacey Moseley on May 31 2017

After a three-month search to find the next big thing in real estate, Bill Malouf, director of LJ Hooker Double Bay is pleased to announce he has found his Million Dollar Intern.

Beating almost 200 other hopefuls, 28-year-old Tahnee Barnes from the nation’s capital has taken out the elusive prize. Ms Barnes, who spent 10 years in the military including deployments in Afghanistan and East Timor, was over-awed by her success.

“I am completely blown away to be named LJ Hooker’s Million Dollar Intern, I wanted it so badly but to actually have won is just amazing,” she said.

“I have a second-to-none work ethic; I don’t give up when it gets hard, and I want to make LJ Hooker my brand and grow my own brand within this network.”

During the search, Mr Malouf put the interns through their paces with finalists being determined by a number of metrics including their presentation in their submission video, Caliper behavioural testing and multiple phone interviews, including with LJ Hooker Network Chief and industry veteran Graeme Hyde.

While Mr Malouf and the judges were overwhelmed by the high-quality candidates, he said Ms Barnes stood out across all sections.

“From the start, Tahnee caught our attention, her video submission was well-thought out, and while she came across slightly nervous, you couldn’t help but feel her presentation was sincere. As the other videos began flowing in, we always used Tahnee as a benchmark,” he said.

“When Tahnee’s results for the online Caliper behavioural test came back she cemented herself as the front runner. She received near perfect scores across all sections. This test was designed to uncover if a person has what it takes to work in real estate sales and according to this, she not only has what it takes but she really could be the next big thing.

“However a test can only tell so much. The interns also completed a number of phone interviews with key LJ Hooker people, and on every turn, Tahnee built relationships and impressed those she spoke to. It’s important that an agent can build genuine relationships and trust with everyone they meet.

“Finally, we expected a lot from Tahnee’s panel interview, and she did not disappoint. Tahnee has an energy and drive not often seen. When she spoke, she was passionate, succinct, humorous and thoughtful but what impressed me most was at the end of the interview, she did what no one else had and asked for the job. In real estate, we teach agents to never leave a listing appraisal without asking for business; this was a great first lesson for Tahnee.

“I look forward to working with Tahnee in August and seeing if she really has what it takes to be my Million Dollar Intern.”

Ms Barnes, who grew up on a farm in Crookwell in rural NSW, will be flown to Sydney in July to undertake a four-day exclusive LJ Hooker course; Future Captains. That teaches new recruits the basics to building a successful career in real estate.

She’ll then meet her mentor at LJ Hooker Double Bay and spend the next three months shadowing one of the best, and most respected, in the industry! Ms Barnes will get an insight into every aspect of running a real estate business from property management, sales, administration and management. 

On top of the three-month internship, Ms Barnes will also win Sydney accommodation, and an AUDI car for the duration of the internship, a new business wardrobe, business cards, and she will complete her NSW real estate certificate of registration.

The final five interns have also won the Future Captains training worth over $800 each.

Ms Barnes said she’d highly recommend the Million Dollar Intern process to anyone wanting to join the real estate industry. 

“The process has been challenging, thorough, and enjoyable. One day I want to come back and do Million Dollar Intern again, but that time, be the mentor who can guide and coach a newcomer.”

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