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Q&A - Looking after the property

On Dec 01 2011

Question: What is the process for organising repairs and maintenance of my rental property and what ...

Question: What is the process for organising repairs and maintenance of my rental property and what are my obligations?

Answer: Under the State-specific tenancy Acts, landlords and tenants generally share the responsibility for maintaining the condition of the rented premises.

Landlords have an obligation to ensure that the property is in a reasonable state of repair at the beginning of the tenancy and remains that way having regard to the property’s age, character and prospective life.

Tenants have an obligation to maintain a reasonable state of cleanliness and must not intentionally or negligently cause or allow damage to occur.

Question: What if I (the tenant) caused the damage?

Answer: Under most Acts, you as the tenant are responsible for repairing any damage caused by you, or any other person who is on the premises at you invitation or with you consent.

You should notify the property manager. In serious cases causing damage to the premises may constitute a breach of agreement and the tenant may be served with a notice to remedy the breach of agreement or vacate the premises.

General Maintenance

As a tenant you are required to notify the landlord via your property manager of any general repairs needed (preferably in writing).

The landlord should have repairs carried out within a reasonable timeframe and is required to give you at least 48 hours written notice of entry to the, unless you have agreed to give earlier access.

Emergency repairs

If an urgent repair is required (eg: burst water pipe, gas leak, dangerous electrical fault etc.) every effort should be made to contact your property manager with urgency.

The landlord is not required to give notice to the tenant to enter the premises in an emergency. The tenant can have an urgent repair carried out by a licensed person nominated by the contact list on your lease if the property manager/landlord/nominated repairer cannot be contacted.

Don’t forget, your LJ Hooker Property Manager is your first point of contact if you have any maintenance queries about your property.

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