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Wake up the garden for Spring

On Sep 01 2013
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LJ Hooker’s website has a host of information on how to best live ...

LJ Hooker’s website has a host of information on how to best live sustainably.

It provides expert tips including how to reduce your environmental impact, recycle materials and reduce your energy bills.


With the onset of Spring, gardens across Australia will slowly start to wake up from their Winter hibernation.

The key to a vibrant and productive garden is ensuring there is adequate exposure to sunlight – energy vegetables and flowers thrive on.

As states: “No matter how rich a soil may be, or how abundant the water supply, the ultimate health and vigour of plants and the rate at which they grow is dependent upon the amount of energy they receive from the sun”.

Positioning your garden bed to make use of a north to north-easterly aspect will assist the health of your garden as this position attracts the most sunlight throughout the day.

But keep in mind that gardens don’t just have to be for the warmer seasons. Calculations of size and position of garden plots should be based upon maximum energy absorption in mid-winter, remembering that the arc made by the sun is both shorter and lower in the northern sky, and the further south one goes, the more important solar radiation planning becomes — the gardener in Hobart must pay closer attention to this problem than the gardener in Brisbane.

A host of tips on how to live more sustainably can be found at

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