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Will your holiday rental attract top tenants this summer?

On Nov 01 2014
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Do you own or are considering buying a holiday rental? LJ Hooker points out the key things to ...

Do you own or are considering buying a holiday rental? LJ Hooker points out the key things to consider to ensure the upcoming holiday season is fruitful.

Be Strong

With spring well and truly underway and the weather warming up, people are going to begin looking at their holiday options. For those with holiday properties, that means it's time to get your investments ready for summer rental - but what's the best way to prepare?

If you own a holiday home, you'll be letting it to a lot of different groups, with different lifestyles and home attitudes - everything from relaxed young adult holidaymakers to family vacations with boisterous kids. Make sure you prepare for everything with durable materials in your furniture. Cane products with the right upholstery can be nice and strong, easy to move and give your home that true summer beach feel. Tabletops are going to see a lot of action in the next six months so make sure to check their condition as well. If you’re uncertain about how your furnishings will endure visitors, talk to your LJ Hooker property manager for advice.

Be Dry

If you don't rent your home out over winter, now is the time for a thorough inspection of the property for dampness and dust. Depending on your location, the winter months could see a buildup of unsightly damp spots or even mould, so you need to make sure this is taken care of before you rent it out. Check floorboards and your deck, too. It can be an arduous task but happy tenants will create a huge network of people who hear about your home and want to rent it out. Again, consult your LJ Hooker property manager for expert advice.

Be Smart

Think about the stipulations you want in the tenancy agreements. Among many things, the agreements are the documents to establish ground rules for things like parties, pets and smoking. Screening your potential tenants thoroughly always helps. If you want to step back from this aspect of owning a holiday home, your LJ Hooker property manager can handle this side of the process for you.

The features people look for in their rental property are not far from what people look for in a home to purchase - a sturdy, comfortable holiday home will keep tenants coming back to your investment property year after year. Provide the home comforts you would want for yourself on holiday, and tenants will provide the steady stream of business for your holiday home.

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