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Selling Real Estate eBooks, Checklists & FAQ's

There are a lot of things to think about when selling real estate.  We have been helping people sell since 1928 and are keen to share our knowlege about selling with you.

Below are our eResources to help you sell your property for the most amout of money.  Our complete selling guide explains in detail each stage of selling a property, our selling checklist ensures you get everything done before selling your home, our open market report gives you an overview of the current real estate market and the styling to sell guide shows you where to focus your efforst to prepare you home to sell.

We hope you find these guides useful.

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The First-Time Home Sellers Ultimate Guide

Selling a property for the first time? Read our First-Time Home Sellers Ultimate Guide to help you navigate the process and find answers to all the questions you may have. From understanding the steps to selling a property, what a property appraisal is, how to determine your property's price, what an agent commission is, what is the best way to market your property and interview questions to ask a real estate agent.

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Downsizing FAQ's

In the recent Federal Budget (May 2017), the Federal Government has proposed policies that aim to reduce the barriers to downsizing with the aim being to encourage some older people to downsize from homes that no longer meet their needs and free up housing stock for younger families starting out. The governments policy has been created to provide older Australians with greater flexibility to contribute the proceeds of the sale of their home into superannuation which they hope will reduce the current disincentive to downsize. Here are some frequently asked questions to help you understand what it means to you.

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Complete Moving Guide

Moving into your new home is an exciting experience. It’s a fresh start in a brand new property that you can customise and call your own. During your move, you’ll need to organise an array of tasks, such as hiring removalists, setting up utilities, packing and unpacking. To ensure your move is as stress-free and easy as possible, use this guide to help you on your way, so you can begin life in your new home.

Selling Real Estate Checklist

Taking time to prepare your home for sale can make a significant difference to the time it takes to sell and the sale price you achieve. Follow this simple checklist to help make your property more attractive to buyers or download our more comprehensive Preparing Your Home For Sale e-Book in our eBook library.

Styling your Property to Sell

Styling your home to sell can make a world of difference in how quickly you sell, how many people are interested in your property and even how much you sell for. After all, you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. Here are a few tricks of the trade to help you style your home to sell, we hope they help you.