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Selling Real Estate Guides for your State

In-depth, State Based Selling Real Estate Guides

Each state and territory across Australia has slightly different rules around selling real estate.  To help you navigate the process and make the most out of your property in your local area, we have collated these state and territory guides on selling real estate that we hope you find useful.

We walk you through how to choose an agent and what questions you should ask.  We cover the different ways to sell property in your state or territory and the best ways to market your property to get the best results.  Contracts and what is required varies so we cover this along with the cost of selling as this too varies dramatically across the country.  We finish off with a review of the settlement process and the exchange of contracts.

Happy selling!

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Selling Real Estate in Queensland

Selling real estate in Queensland comes with its own rules and regulations and it is important you are aware of these. Here is a deep dive into the different ways you can sell your property, tips on how to choose an agent, the best way to market and promote your property and what needs to go into a sales contract.

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Selling Real Estate in Victoria

Are you thinking about selling your property in the state of Victoria? Here is a complete guide to selling including the different methods of sale, tips on how to choose an agent, the best ways to promote your property to reach the most number of buyers, the costs you need to be aware of, contract requirements and what happens at the time of settlement.

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Selling Real Estate in Western Australia

Selling real estate in Western Australia is different to selling in other parts of Australia. Here is a guide explaining what is involved. From the different methods to sell your property, how to choose an agent, the costs associated with selling, the best ways to market your property, what you must include in your contract of sale and what happens on settlement day - we cover it all here.

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