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Selling Real Estate in Winter - Tips to Get the Most for Your Property
The spring selling season is traditionally where activity bursts at the seams in the housing market, but the shortfall in winter stock makes it a prime opportunity for you.

Getting ahead of the spring selling season, when property floods the market can be a good move as there are often still loads of buyers but not many properties. If you are selling this winter here are some ways to keep the sale price hot when the weather is cold?
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Expert Advice: Mastering the Home Loan Basics With Jeff Chapman
As you might have noticed around here, we're delving right into how to buy your first home at the moment. And when it comes to mastering the home buying process, they don't get much more knowledgeable than Jeff Chapman.

As the National Product and Marketing Manager over at LJ Hooker Home Loans, he has dealt with all types of mortgages and borrowers, so we thought there was no-one better to ask about the basics of borrowing and to walk us through a case study of a real first time home buyer.
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Property to Take Front Seat in Lead Up to Election
As voters head to the polling booths on July 2 property will be at the forefront of their minds.

Grant Harrod, CEO of LJ Hooker discusses the impact the lead up to the election is having on property, along with interest rates, investor trends and affordability.
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Osso Buco With Gremolata and Mashed Potato
"Osso buco is Italian for “hole in the bone”. This is a wonderful winter dish that is incredibly easy to prepare. It cooks away in gentle heat until it becomes a delectable source of wonderful flavour and nutrition. I generally make twice as much as I need and freeze the excess for an easy meal in the future. “Cook once, eat twice!” Wholefoods chef Holly Davis
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Winter Home Checklist
Winter is well and truly with us but don't use the cold weather as an excuse to spend the entire season on the couch.

Here is a checklist of jobs to help keep you warm, entertain the kids, care for your pets and make the most of being indoors as the temperatures drop.
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