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A Case Study of a First Time Property Investor
When you're buying your first property, you shouldn't go it alone. That's the advice of Ricky Briggs, who just bought his first piece of real estate - at the age of 23!

He recently bought a block of land in the Hunter region, and is looking at a great future through property investment as he constructs a duplex. But how did he know how to go about it?
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The Evolution of the Rentvestor
Since the emergence of the Rentvestor trend in 2013 this burgeoning investment strategy has quickly grown to represent savvy investors or all ages and demographics.

LJ Hooker Head of Research, Mat Tiller, discusses the growing trend, analyzes who falls into the category and explains why it is becoming increasingly popular.
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Liveability Top Ten Tips to Stay Warm This Winter
Empower yourself this winter with our Liveability Winter Checklist. Here are 10 easy ways to stay warm and save money.

Firstly, create a winter efficiency plan using our tips below. Then, get everyone in the house on board and finally, take action to make it happen.
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Where to Research to Find the Best Property For You
There are many ways to find out what the property market is doing as well as the impact of what current market conditions may have on your purchase.

So before hitting the Saturday open house trail it is best do some prior research. This will save you a lot of time and money in the process.. Here is some tips and advice on where to start your research to find your dream home.
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Creating a Space for Family Fun
With the right garden design you can foster in your children a love of being outdoors. As with any landscape design project, planning is key to the success.

Designing a child friendly garden is a clever way to encourage outdoor play. And with a myriad of play apparatus choices available, from cubby houses to swings, sandpits, monkey bars and a rock climbing wall, creating an outdoor play area is easy.
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