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Darren Palmer on Buying His First Home With Friends
When Darren looked at entering the property market he found affordability to be a major challenge. The solution for him was to team up with friends - to pool their finances and buy a home that they could afford.

Darren talks us through how they made this work, what they bought and the results. Its a great story of achieving goals with the help of friends.
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Real Interior: California Love
The Palm Springs aesthetic is one that never seems to stray too far from the design scene — and why would it? When one thinks of the ‘ideal home’, per se, most seek a design that is effortlessly light, captures the freshness of the outdoors and is clutter-free, hence the perseverance of this classic trend with rock-solid foundations.

This magical home created for a screen writer and her family is light, bright and clean, which embodies everything the City of Angels is all about
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14 Ways to Prepare the Outside of Your Home to Sell
You only get one chance to make a first impression and when you are selling your home, its really important to make it a good one.

Here we share our expert tips on improving your curb appeal, garden and front door. Getting these enhancements right can make a big difference to how many people are interested in your property, how quickly you sell and the price you achieve.
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Interest Rate Cut Positive for Real Estate
The Reserve Bank of Australia’s historic decision to cut interest rates to a new record low will not only boost a weaker economy but should help first homebuyers come back to the market, according to real estate leaders LJ Hooker.

The reduction will help with home loan affordability, a bonus for first home buyers plus the banks ban on non-resident lending will help encourage buyers into the market.
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Real Seller's Journey - Bianca and Christian Sell
After not selling at auction Bianca and Christian immediately began work with their agent to modify their marketing plan.

Here they discuss the next steps they took, what their agent advised, the changes they made to their campaign and the outcome.
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