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myLJHooker Home

Grand Designs Australia: Inside Out House
Giving an architect permission to let their mind run wild is a rare opportunity and one this architect grasped with both hands.

This Grand Designs feature home is a structure that’s deliberately incomplete. The central space is an unclad frame within and surrounded by garden creating both an inside and outside home. Enjoy walking through this building and old ruin.
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4 Tricks of the Selling Real Estate Trade to Help you Sell for More
Selling your home can be an exciting time, but are you aware of the best ways to make profit?

Here we look at 4 tricks of the selling trade from cost effective changes you can make to your home, easy ways to dress your home up and tips on marketing your property for results.
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Buying Real Estate Part 2 - The Cost of Buying Real Estate
Before you look for a brand new home, you'll need to prepare yourself financially. Buying a new home can be expensive, so it's important you plan ahead as best as you can.

There are many expenses to factor into your budget, including the deposit, stamp duty, strata fees, and inspection and valuation costs.
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Old World London Interior
With an old-world aura surrounding the residential area of Highgate, London, it was essential for the interior designer to preserve the roots of this typically British 1920s family home.

Balancing modern elements with traditional and rustic fixtures is a fine line to walk in the design realm, but this home successfully integrates both to create a family home that’s stylish, unique and comfortable for all to dwell in.
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Buying at Auction Part 9 - Settling the Sale and Moving In
Finally it is time to settle the sale of the home you have purchased at auction but there are many things you’ll need to organise between the time you sign the contract of sale and the settlement date. Here are a few of the important considerations.

Plus here are some tips on moving home to help you make it as stress free as possible.
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