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Buying Real Estate

Buying a new property is both daunting and exciting - it is a true mixed bag of emotions.

LJ Hooker, with offices across most of Australia's major cities, towns and suburbs are are to help you.  From walking you through the buying process, helping you find a property within your price range, organising finance, providing local market reports, conveyancing and even helping to connect your utilities.  LJ Hooker are here to help make your property dreams happen.

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  • First Home Buyers Guides for your State

    Buying real estate for the first time differs in each state and territory in Australia. To help all you first home buyers, we have compiled the following in-depth state and territory guides for first home buyers. These guides walk you through the different ways you can buy in your state or territory, what type of research you shou...

  • Why Buy with LJ Hooker

    Buying a property can be a daunting prospect, especially if this is your first home purchase. Between open houses to visit, thousands of print and online advertisements to read and significant financial decisions to make, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. Enlisting the help of a trusted real estate agency can help you navigate the o...

  • Different Ways to Buy Real Estate

    Understanding the different ways you can buy real estate is an important step when buying a property. Here is a look at the four main methods and a deep dive into buying at auction and via private treaty, the two most popular ways to buy in Australia. We review the auction process from the beginning right through to what happens on...

  • Cost of Buying Real Estate

    There are more costs to buying a new home than just the purchase price, but what are these costs? Here is a deep dive into the costs associated with buying real estate such as stamp duty, lenders mortgage insurance, building insurance, legal assistance, building reports and more so you can prepare yourself financially and are not hi...

  • The Importance of Inspections

    Pre-purchase inspections are essential for every home purchase whether it is your new home or an investment property. Here is a detailed view as to what to look for at an open for inspection, questions to ask the agent and what professionals you should bring in to help you inspect the property fully.

  • Contracts and Conveyancing

    This is the legal side of buying real estate and therefore critcally important. In this section we provide an overview of why you need to engage experts, the services they offer, what goes into a contract of sale and how the exchange and settlement process works. We provide a deep dive into contracts and the property conveyancing a...

  • The First Home Owner Grants

    To help first home buyers fulfil the dream of one day owning their own homes, Australia introduced the First Home Owners Grant to ease the costs associated with buying real estate. Here is an overview of the first home owners grant, what you need to know and how you go about claiming it.

  • Getting a Home Loan

    When it comes to getting a home loan, the process can seem daunting - especially if this is your first application. However being aware of the home loan process, the documents and information you need to provide and the pros and cons of each option is very important. Here is a detailed look into the steps to getting a home loan.

  • Buying eBooks, Checklists & FAQ's

    We have been helping people buy their first home, dream home and investment properties since 1928 and know a thing or two about buying real estate. To help all the buyers out there we have compiled these in-depth eBooks, checklists and guides. From guides to help first home buyers and more experienced buyers through to inspection ...

  • LJ Hooker Buyers Agents

    A Buyers Agent can mean the difference between a good deal and a great one. A local expert understands demographics, property trends, pricing and value. They build relationships with other agents to ensure that when bargains are on offer, you get access. They can also help insulate you from overpricing or other pitfalls. Here is a...

  • LJ Hooker Assist

    When it comes to moving house, there is a lot to think about. Our expert team can help you organise everything in a much simpler and less stressful way. We can connect your utilities including electricity, gas, phone, internet, PayTV, insurance and much more and ensure you are getting the best rate.

  • Foreign Ownership - Buying Property from Overseas

    Generally if you are buying Australian property from overseas you need to apply for foreign investment approval. Australia has strict foreign investment laws and it is important you research this and follow the necessary steps before buying. Here is a link to the Foreign Investment Review Board website to find out more.

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