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How to do Your Buying Homework
With the Housing Industry Association recently noting that dwelling commencements are expected to break 20-year old records and rise above 190,000 in a year, there could be a lot of property coming your way on the market. But with this wide range of homes being built, how do you boost your knowledge of the market to make a great purchase?

It is time to go back to school and do some buying homework, but never fear - we are here to give you some tutoring tips!
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Spring Cleaning the Bathrooms for Inpections
As a room that requires a certain level of privacy, it's important to get the bathroom right when you sell your home.

If you're letting people through your home for an open inspection, there are several steps you can take to have it shining bright and smelling sweet for prospective buyers.
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Why Use Video to Sell Your Home?
When selling a home, it can be a struggle to make yours stand out from the crowd. No matter how wonderful your property is, there are many loud and bright advertisements to compete against when you put your home up in online listings.

One selling technique you can try that many don't think of is shooting a video of your home. With more and more people using smart phone technology, ease of access to video information is greater than ever before. But why should you use video for your home sale?
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Finding the Best Tradespeople
Picking the right tradespeople for your renovation can be one of the trickier aspects of renovating, and many investors can find themselves tripping up on the finer details.

For investors, it can be a massive challenge – particularly as every cent counts and often the temptation of large savings can outweigh a proper analysis. Here are some insights from 2 renovation experts.
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Summertime Selling - Keeping up in the Kitchen
We have been looking at a lot of different areas of the home this spring, particularly how to make some deft touches to them for a great sale of your home. This time around, we're going to take a look at one of the most important rooms in any home sale - the kitchen.

Acting as both food prep zone and a social hub, the kitchen needs to perform a wide range of functions, and there are a lot of small tasks you can undertake that will allow potential buyers to feel immediately at home in yours. Here's how to get started.
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