Agents Say Styling Wins When Selling Real Estate

Agents Say Styling Wins When Selling Real Estate_blog

Increase Your Sales Price by Styling

As we head towards the busy Spring selling season we wanted to find out from our top 50 agents - what they believe vendors can do to help sell their property for the highest price.  We put the following questions to a panel of our top 50 agents:

  • What can a home owner do to ensure they get the highest price for their property?
  • How can a home owner help attract buyer attention?
  • Are there any tips to help sell a property more quickly?

The unanimous answer to all these questions was 'Style your property to sell'!

Our Top Agent Survey Results

Here are the results of our recent survey showing 98% of our agents believe that styling a property to sell will achieve a higher sales price.

How Much Can Styling Add To The Sale Price ?

83% of the agents believe styling can add over 2.5% to your property's sale price.  So if you have a property worth $500,000 if you style it properly you could increase the sale price by $12,500 - and that is a lot of money!

Almost all of LJ Hooker’s top 50 agents believed styling increased the sale price, while 92% believed it influenced a quicker sale, and 88% believed it triggered multiple offers through private treaty and more bidders on auction day. 


What Do Our Agents Mean By 'Styling'?

Styling can include anything which makes existing living spaces more attractive, such as fresh paint, de-cluttering and trimming gardens.

“More than half of our top 50 agents believed styling has the potential to add up to five per cent to the sale price,’’ said Mr Adcock. “Any seller with a home worth $500,000 would love to know how they could potentially increase their property’s worth by $25,000.


And the worst mistakes sellers made when trying to sell their properties was cluttering kitchen bench spaces and leaving indoor pet accessories for prospective buyers to notice.

“Respondents said clearing up cluttered spaces and removing unwanted smells from properties were the most important things for sellers. Some agents said clutter made already small rooms appear even smaller, while signs of indoor pets were a turn-off.”

And while unwanted smells needed to be masked, introducing what may be considered an alluring smell will have no bearing in securing a sale".

“Our best agents believe distinct smells can have the opposite effect in securing a sale: putting out fresh flowers, baked bread or freshly brewed coffee won’t find the right buyer.

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