How to Choose the Best Real Estate Agent

How to Choose the Best Real Estate Agent

Thinking of selling your home or investment property? Then, you’ll need to find the best real estate agent for the job. After all, this is likely to be your most valuable asset so choosing the right person is a big decision.

Your real estate agent’s connections, local market knowledge and expertise play an important role in achieving the sales results you desire in the shortest time possible.

To ensure you are set for success, here are some important qualities you should consider when selecting a real estate agent to sell your property.

What makes a good real estate agent?

They are qualified to sell property

Real estate agents in Australia and New Zealand need to be licensed according to local legislation. This means to sell, lease and manage they need to undertake specific training such as a Certificate IV in Real Estate Practice which includes topics such as appraisals and conducting auctions. State and Territory legislation also regulates such matters as trust accounting and continual education of licensees.

When choosing a real estate agent, check the licence details of all of the professionals you are thinking of using before signing up with your preferred choice.  The good news is all LJ Hooker real estate agents are licenced in their state or territory.

They work locally

The agent you choose must know the area you are selling in and how the local market is performing. The definition of ‘local’ has changed over recent years.  It used to mean the real estate agency had to be physically located as a bricks-and-mortar office within the neighbourhood. However, that's not necessarily the case now.  By local we mean an agent with in-depth knowledge of the local area, who has a strong sales record and is even better if it is with properties similar to your own.  

It makes sense to use someone who is on the ground working in your suburb and who is keeping track of recent sales. There are other advantages of using a local agent and these include:

  • Database of prospective buyers
  • Knows comparable sales results
  • Understand local demographics
  • Can create a marketing campaign targeting buyers looking in your area
  • Has an established market presence in your local area
  • Knows what kind of features are appealing to your market
  • Access to local staging companies working in your area
  • Access to reliable tradespeople for any necessary repairs

LJ Hooker can advise on how to find a real estate agent. We have over 5000 professionals right across Australia working in your local area. They are experts at knowing the local market and can give you an honest appraisal of the expected value of your property and assess how it is placed in the market alongside similar properties.

They are experienced

An experienced agent should be able to provide you with a list of sales they have achieved over the past 12 months. There are many different ways of selling property.  If you have a preferred method of sale such as an auction or private treaty, be sure to look for an agent who specialises in such campaigns. If you are unsure, talk to your agent about what they think might be the best strategy for your property.

They understand the market

Your chosen agent should have a solid understanding of how much you could sell your property for by looking at what comparable properties have achieved. Markets can change – sometimes in a matter of weeks – so it is important to work with someone who is on top of what is happening in your area. A good agent will know about:

  • Upcoming developments
  • Changing school zones or new school openings
  • Access to major and local shopping centres
  • Access to childcare
  • Access to hospital/medical care
  • New transport routes

Importantly they need to know the demographics and the sorts of buyers looking for homes in your area. A good agent will also have ideas about how to make your property more sellable with staging or decluttering. They may also suggest updates without overcapitalising.

Ask your local LJ Hooker agent for our industry-leading ‘Local Market Report’ which is packed with property information, trends and insights just for your neighbourhood.

See them in action

A property appraisal is a great way to meet agents working in your area and assess whether they may be the right fit for you. This is an estimate of the price of your property if it were to hit the market at the current time.

Real estate agents specialise in answering the ‘how much is my home worth’ question, and they do it by running a comparative market analysis which involves finding similar properties that sold usually within the last 90 days. 

Another excellent way to assess an agent is to see how they perform at an open inspection.  At the inspection watch their behaviour and consider the following:

  • Do they stand at the door to welcome attendees and capture their details? 
  • Do they highlight the property's features and could they answer any questions you put to them? 
  • Did they follow up after the open-for-inspection offering more information?
  • Was their marketing of the property of a good standard?


They need to have a digital presence

A good agent knows that a strong marketing campaign will also help you achieve the highest selling price. Digital marketing is more than just listing your home on a portal such as or Domain, it also includes:

  • e-mailed newsletters
  • websites
  • online brochures
  • social media
  • videos 

It is also worth checking if your agent plans on using Instagram, Facebook and X (Twitter). If your suburb is popular with overseas buyers, WeChat may also be a useful marketing strategy. 

They are trustworthy and professional

Honesty and trust are key to any good relationship and this is especially true in real estate.  

A professional real estate agent will be able to clearly outline the activities and marketing they will undertake. Don't be afraid to ask for references and referrals, as speaking with past clients can give you an idea of how the agent has performed previously.  

Find an excellent communicator

Communication is key to a successful sales campaign. You'll need to find a real estate agent who you feel comfortable with, who will listen to your concerns, answer your questions honestly and who is approachable to you and prospective buyers. Your agent should keep you updated on the number of people attending open inspections and any offers.

Take time to research the market and align yourself with experts who can provide the right professional advice. Book in for a property appraisal from your local LJ Hooker agent here.


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