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Community and Foundation

Community and Foundation


With a long history of supporting our local communities, LJ Hooker takes pride in the many ways we give back - whether it's across the street or across the world.
Charitable activities – in 2016 we launched the LJ Hooker Foundation to further progress our philanthropic activities.
Community involvement - looking after our local neighbourhood areas, whether we're staffing a local Australia Day BBQ, raising awareness for groups who work towards improving local amenities or working with local communities in need such as bushfires and floods

Our history of helping others

As a group and as individuals, LJ Hooker has a proud past of helping others. Individual offices raise funds on a local level for a variety of causes including local schools and amenities, research into medical cures or the provision of goods and services for those most in need.
We lend LJ Hooker marquees to community and charity groups, rally around local events, and donate our time and efforts to numerous neighbourhood causes.
As a group, our contributions have made a real difference to many, including:
• Over $5 million raised for the Cystic Fibrosis Research Fund over a 18-year "Partnership in Caring"
• Over $1 million raised as part of the Tsunami Appeal, which directly funded part of the rebuilding efforts in Aceh, Indonesia.
• Over $1 million raised for SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) research through Red Nose Day activities.
• Over $80,000 raised to assist the Australian Red Cross 2009 Victorian Bushfire Appeal.
• The Bidwell Project through the Habitat for Humanity, which provided a home for a family.
• Over $56,000 raised for the 2011 Queensland Floods.

LJ Hooker Foundation

On 20 September 2016 LJ Hooker launched its new charity, the LJ Hooker Foundation, to manage the significant funds raised by its network of offices across Australia.

In excess of $1 million is expected to be bestowed over the next five years to the LJ Hooker Foundation. On launch two major beneficiaries have been chosen, the Humpty Dumpty Foundation and Cystic Fibrosis Australia.

In the immediate term, LJ Hooker Foundation will fund the development and launch in 2017 of CF Consumer Connect, a new platform for the cystic fibrosis community members to share their feedback on care and treatment in CF Centres.

Over 50 charities were reviewed by LJ Hooker offices and the LJ Hooker Corporate team before LJ Hooker Foundation’s second charity partner was chosen, Humpty Dumpty Foundation.

Humpty Dumpty Foundation facilitates the donation of life-saving medical equipment in paediatric wards, neonatal units and emergency departments in 275+ hospitals around Australia. This number is expected to rise to more than 300 hospitals with the LJ Hooker partnership.

Paul Francis, Founder and Executive Chairman of Humpty Dumpty Foundation, said their partnership with LJ Hooker Foundation will be a wonderful opportunity for regional and remote hospitals to benefit from the local generosity and fundraising efforts of LJ Hooker offices.

“We are aiming to assist 300 hospitals by mid-2017, which will now be more than achievable due to partnering LJ Hooker offices with their local hospitals and, in turn, potentially in locations we currently don’t support,” he says.

Mr Hooker Bear and the LJ Hooker Marquee

Mr Hooker Bear is the international LJ Hooker mascot and is most commonly seen at community events. Mr Hooker Bear has been part of the LJ Hooker family since 1998 after he was first created for a series of road safety television commercials. Due to his popularity he has since been accredited with his own merchandise range.
LJ Hooker is a big advocate of community-based marketing and we have encouraged our offices and people to play an active role in their local community for many years.
The LJ Hooker marquee is also available and can be used for street fairs, schools fetes, sports carnivals and rotary clubs. The marquees add colour to any outdoor event and are great for providing shelter from the weather, for use as promotional stands or to host a barbecue or cake stall in.
We offer the Mr Hooker Bear suit and marquee free of charge to local schools, community groups and businesses for community events and activities. Requests for this service can be made by completing the form.
Requests for this service can be made to your local LJ Hooker office or by emailing the Marketing Team on

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