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Franchise Owners Council

Franchise Owners Council

Australian Council of Franchise Owners

LJ Hooker franchise network is one of the most established and successful in Australia.

Our franchise owners are involved in many elements of the business and are encouraged to send through new ideas and feedback.

The Franchise Owners Council - an elected committee with members representing their specific geographic regions in Australia and New Zealand and portfolio interests is one of the channels available to our network.

President of the Franchise Owners Council

Shane Colquhoun
Representing: Southern Queensland
Portfolio: LJ Hooker Foundation

Vice President of the Franchise Owners Council

Mario Bonomi
Representing: South Australia
Portfolios: Auctions, Industry Issues and Franchise Agreements

Council Members

John Monahan
Representing: Victoria
Portfolios: Council Services and Ancillary Services

Mark Spearing
Representing: Northern Queensland
Portfolio: Property Management
Penny Higgs
Representing: Tasmania
Portfolio: Marketing & Public Relations

Amanda Tate
Representing: Northern New South Wales
Portfolio: Rural, Training & Staff Recruitment

Lindsey Burne
Representing: Southern NSW and Australian Capital Territory
Portfolio: NextGen and Digital

Ingrid Feinauer
Representing: Western Australia
Portfolio: Technology

Domenic Bucciarelli
Representing: Metropolitan New South Wales
Portfolio: Memberships, Network engagement and customer experience

Ben Armstrong
Representing LJ Hooker Commercial
Portfolio: Commercial

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