6 New Year’s Resolutions for Sellers


The New Year is the perfect time to put those plans to upgrade or downsize into action. Preparing your home for sale can feel overwhelming, but we have come up with 6 resolutions to set you off on the right track and help you achieve a successful sale.

Resolution # 1: Get Cleaning

Your home needs to be presented in its best possible light when it hits the market. This means doing all those little jobs we put off, such as cleaning skirting boards and even underneath the kitchen sink.

A positive first impression will win over prospective buyers, so take the time to ensure everything is gleaming including the windows. Wipe down walls, pull out the vacuum cleaner, mop floors and remove any cobwebs.

Try tackling one job per day or per week, depending on your timeline to market. Or if it feels too much, it may be worth booking a professional cleaner.

The aim is to do the bulk of the work ahead of listing your property so it can be easily maintained during the sales campaign. That way your property can be ready at a moment’s notice should your agent have a buyer needing a private inspection.

Resolution # 2: Time to be ruthless

Decluttering is essential when preparing your home for sale as it lets people imagine their own life in your space. And the New Year is the ideal time to start this process too.

Remove anything that is personal or that takes up unnecessary space. Start from the front entry and work your way through every room packing away items such as photos or any sentimental ornaments.

Sort through your wardrobe and donate any pieces you haven’t worn in the past year. If you have an oversupply of glasses or cutlery then it makes sense to give them away rather than relocate to your new home.

You may love displaying your kids’ artwork on your fridge, but it may distract prospective buyers. That also goes for fridge magnets and knick-knacks lying around the home. Get a jump start on your tax return and tidy up any paperwork.

Remember decluttering can help make your home look more spacious. Ask a friend or family member if you could store any excess furniture in their

garage for the short term. If you think it is an item with value you could try selling online or even holding a garage sale.

Resolution # 3: Attend open homes

It is important to know what your property is worth in the current market and how it compares to other homes.

Your local real estate agent will be able to provide research but another way is to inspect homes listed for sale in your area. Do you like how it has been styled? What does it have that your property doesn’t? What is the demographic of buyers?

Find out the final sales price which is often published online. Attending auctions will also give you a feel for the direction the market is headed. All this information will help you to set a realistic sales figure for your own property in conjunction with your agent.

The other upside to attending open homes is that it also introduces you to property agents in your area and provides an insight into how they operate.

So if you want to make it easy for yourself and save time, simply get in touch with your local real estate agent or book a free property appraisal. They will be able to inform you about pricing trends, median property prices and more detailed data about the real estate market in your area.

Resolution # 4: Get Organised

It is important to get all your finances in order before selling your home, including proof of identification. Talk to your bank and come up with the ideal sale price needed for your next property purchase. Don’t forget to calculate buying costs such as stamp duty.

As contracts are involved it is a good idea – although not always mandatory in every State – to have a solicitor to sort out the legal side of proceedings. Sellers must provide a number of important pieces of documentation in the contract such as a zoning certificate, drainage diagram, a title search and swimming pool compliance.

Settlement generally takes around six weeks after exchanging contracts. Work out a backup plan for accommodation should your buyer want a longer or shorter length of time.

Resolution # 5: Time to get out the tools

When was the last time you open up all the windows of your house? You don’t want this to be a sticking point when it comes to selling your home.

You need to check that everything is in working order, including all of the kitchen appliances. Be sure you know where are all the remote controls are for the air-conditioner and garage as well as any door keys.

Buyers will usually pay for a pre-purchase building and pest inspection, however, if you have your suspicions there could be termite activity it’s best to address the issue now. The report will also reveal any hidden defects and give you time to have these repaired. This means you are able to go to market more confidently knowing there are unlikely to be any nasties that could cause a buyer to drop out of negotiations.

Don’t hesitate to call in the professionals for the jobs requiring expertise, especially as it can be costly to fix a bad DIY job. And never touch electricity if you are not an electrician.

Resolution # 6: Become a green thumb

Buyers will often make up their minds on whether they are going to inspect a property from their car, so curb appeal is key. Make sure your garden is tidy and inviting.

Investing in a new letterbox and planting some new shrubs is a great place to start. Paint your front door, or at the very least give the handle a polish. Add a few potted plants, a new doormat or have a new light installed.

A high-pressure hose clean is an inexpensive way to instantly transform even the most neglected paths and driveways. Give overgrown trees a trim and remove leaves from the gutters. If the budget can afford it replace any rusty old downpipes.

Make sure any upgrades will appeal to a wide audience – so if you love garden gnomes now isn’t the time to have them on display.

Finally, remember that a sales agent is a valuable adviser and can also recommend how to best prepare your home for sale. To get started book a free property appraisal and make a move this year. 


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