Geneva Vanderzeil: "For Me, DIY Is All About Easy Projects With Wow Factor"

DIY Is All About Easy Projects With Wow Factor

Meet Australia's favourite DIY enthusiast and LJ Hooker's new ambassador, Geneva Vanderzeil. Every Tuesday on our Instagram account, she will share her inspiration, easy DIY projects and styling tips.

First of all, could you share a bit about your background and how you became a DIY and upcycling expert?

I've always been creative with the things around me. About ten years ago, I started my first website all about DIY and upcycled fashion. Over time my interests have evolved into more home and interior related projects, and I'm all about creating beautiful spaces that are unique to you. In 2020 I wrote a book called Home Is Where You Make It, which is basically a guide to creating a space you love to be in. These days, you can find me making, styling and upcycling, as I have a passion for breathing life into old things.

How would you describe your interior design style?

My style is all about mixing styles, colours and textures to create balance in a room. I believe in creating a space that makes you happy, but also seeks balance in how you put all the things you like together.

What attracted you to partner with a brand like LJ Hooker?

I think for me, a home is a place that looks after you just as much as you look after it. So I love the idea of working with LJ Hooker to share my knowledge and creativity around how to make a space feel like it's truly home.

What can we expect to see on LJ Hooker's Instagram account?

I'm so excited to flex my creative muscle and share my insights about getting creative around your home - styling it, DIYing it and making it a space you're delighted to come home to.

Have you seen a big surge in the popularity of DIY and upcycling since Covid-19 hit?

Being home so much in the last two years, we've all wanted to invest more in the space around us, and that's often been in the form of DIY. It's such a great way to feel proud of your home and have a creative outlet. It has also meant that people have had more time on their hands to get creative, and it's been so exciting to see so many people experiment with DIY.

What are the major DIY trends?

It's all about easy projects that have a wow factor. I'm always looking for unique and unexpected materials to create something interesting out of! Right now, I love throwback trends like tiling, rounded dowel, travertine and things that make a statement in your space.

Do you have a favourite type of project?

I love taking an unexpected material and using it to create something that looks like you bought it. I like to keep my eyes peeled for trends that can be recreated using materials you have at home and thinking outside the box in terms of how things are put together. It's such a fun thing to do!

How has your real estate journey been so far?

We bought our first home in 2017, a 150-year-old Queensland run-down cottage, and spent a year renovating it. It was so much fun! Through that experience, I really got to understand the process of creating a home you love, the things that are worth investing in, and how simple updates to your space can make a huge difference.

What would you look at if you were to look for a new home?

For me, it's all about uncapitalised upon potential, so how we can take a house that is basic and turn it into a beautiful home with renovations and styling. That's the part that truly excites me.

What makes a home feel like home to you?

Obviously, the people and love you have inside it. But additionally, I like investing time and creativity in my space and being able to look around and see my creations. There's absolutely nothing better. Lastly, one way to have a home that looks like it's out of a magazine is to consider first the colour palette of your space and carefully build on that over time.

What tips would you give people selling a property when it comes to styling it?

Here are my top three tips. Start by decluttering and cleaning your property really well. Then, make sure to embrace natural light wherever you can. Finally, add plants, rugs and curtains for a cosy and intimate feel.

Some people might shy away from giving DIY a go. What would you tell them?

The best way to get started is to pick a REALLY simple project and just start. It can often feel daunting, but you'll be surprised how much you learn the first time you try a project and how you get a taste for challenging yourself creatively.
To get some inspiration for your home, tackle DIY projects or get Geneva Vanderzeil's best styling tips to showcase your property, head to our Instagram account.

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