How To Make Your Rental Property Stand Out

How to make your rental standout

No matter the market conditions, it is essential to make your rental property stand out from the crowd to attract high-quality tenants and maximise returns. This is why you need to make sure your property is the one that catches the eye of prospective renters.

Many little things add up to create the means for successful tenants to move in. This blog post aims to show you ways to make your rental property stand out and what you can do to prepare your property for prospective renters.

Make sure to show off the best features

What makes your property unique? Is it the large bay windows? Landscaped garden? Bright rooms? Or maybe a quirky red door? Whatever it is, make sure you highlight it in your listing.

One of the first things prospective tenants do when searching for properties is scour online listings. This is where high quality photos are key. To grab interest and heighten appeal, take professional photos of your property’s best features. You can also choose to stage your property to make it look even more attractive to renters.

Make sure you cover every angle of a room. If your budget allows, consider making your property look good just for a day, and snap some great photo showcasing the best features. This can give you a competitive advantage and a wider audience reach, especially for out-of-town renters.

First impressions count, inside and out

Curb appeal can have a real impact on rental decisions. In today’s rental market especially, first impressions count. Renters are more willing to pay top price for a well-presented property. So, if you’re hoping to make your rental stand out, you should focus on making the best impression with it.

There are some simple ways you can improve curb appeal. First of all, does your property look inviting? Take into account the front garden, doorstep and exterior. Is there anything you can do to refresh these areas to make it look more attractive from the street? Perhaps some basic landscaping or replacing broken fence palings? If you own a unit, have a look at the condition of common areas such as the stairwell and foyer. It’s a good idea to request repairs or updates where they might be needed.

Next, set a high standard for cleanliness. While you want your property to look good from the outside, the inside matters even more! Consider having carpets professionally steam cleaned and wash any dirt or marks off of walls and cabinetry. Quality tenants are attracted to rental properties that are clean, safe and clearly well cared-for.

Small fixes go a long way

Fixing whatever is broken prior to listing your property will give you a better chance of attracting more people to it. 

Tend to small cosmetic fixes such as refreshing paint where needed, fixing leaky faucets, replacing old light fixtures and filling up minor cracks in walls. Pay attention to the exterior, too. Is the front gate squeaky? Does the porch light work? Are there any overhanging branches obscuring the garden path that need pruning back?

Small repairs here and there can save your tenants any frustration down the line. It also prevents any bigger, more costly repairs for you in the future.

Make it pet-friendly

Making your property pet-friendly broadens the potential that it will be chosen by tenants to live in. Because few properties are, tenants who are able to bring their beloved pets along with them, or have the ability to bring them into their home, are often incredibly appreciative of landlords and may even be willing to pay more to secure the rental.

More so for the landlord, pet owners can be successful long term tenants who will treat your property with a lot of respect. Most of the time, they understand how difficult it can be to find pet-friendly housing, and there's a reluctance to jeopardise a good thing.

Detailed listings

When it comes to the property write-up, make sure you give it an accurate description. How many rooms are there? What’s the storage space like? What’s the size of the property? What is the rental cost? What amenities are nearby? Do you allow pets? If you’ve recently renovated or updated appliances, make it known.

Get as specific as you can. This will help to paint a clear picture of your property and give potential renters a better idea of what to expect. Do not forget to highlight your property’s unique selling point, either. Get creative with your listing and make it easy for potential tenants to visualise living in the property. If, for example, it boasts a balcony, write about how tenants can enjoy summer evenings watching the sunset on their balcony or that it gets views of an annual fireworks display!

Some other ways to give your rental property listing an advantage include advertising on social media or enticing tenants with add-ons such as free wi-fi, security systems or an in-unit washer and dryer.

Hire a property manager

A property manager is able to take care of a rental property on your behalf. They can assist you with all of the above as well as provide advice on how to increase your property’s value along with screening potential tenants.

One of the biggest benefits of hiring a property manager is that they save you a lot of time and effort in the managing and staging of your rental property. They will also give you a greater chance at attracting and securing high-quality tenants.

Our team at LJ Hooker can help you to make your rental property stand out from the rest. Learn more about property management with LJ Hooker and start your journey today.

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