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What goes into an auction marketing plan?

What goes into an auction marketing plan?

By Sarah Lefebvre on Apr 05 2018

When selling your property by auction, how do you create a high impact marketing campaign?

David Holmes, National Manager, LJ Hooker Auction Services says 'It’s really important to understand when you’re thinking about your marketing that your home has to compete for attention in a highly competitive market – so the more marketing impact you can generate the better".

Holmes states "at the start of your auction campaign, your LJ Hooker agent will prepare a marketing plan for your property and discuss and agree it with you.  This investment will help expose your property to the highest number of people possible so it’s important you are across all of the different elements and agree with the strategy".

"When planning, keep in mind the best plans include a mix of print and online.  It has been proven that this combination = More Exposure, More Buyers, More Competition and Higher Prices".

So what should go into your marketing plan?

  1. Professional photography of your property –  with the majority of buyers seeing your property for the first time on line, the best way to grab their attention is with some great photos. Video’s also work exceptionally well.
  2. Professional copywriting – this helps to engage buyers by highlighting the property's key features.  This text along with a floor plan will appear right across your property marketing material so getting it right is important.
  3. Signboards – these are the cornerstone of property marketing; they are your 24 x 7 sales person.  They enable you to showcase the features of your property and are one of the best ways to capture local buyers who may not be actively seeking a new property but are willing to purchase when the right property appears.   
  4. LJ Hooker Boost promotion – This enables you to promote your property on the LJ Hooker custom built Facebook and Instagram advertising platform.  This industry leading platform ensures you reach the maximum number of relevant buyers via these key social channels.  With everyone on social this is a must for all campaign.
  5. Property Spotlight enables you to have a personalized website for your property to ensure it stands out from the crowd.
  6. Real Estate portals –Advertise your property on the key national and international real estate portals such as,, and – with 97% of active buyers looking at these portals this is a must for all campaigns.
  7. Newspaper advertising - Advertise your property in local newspapers and in the national newspaper lift outs – this is a great way to reach both passive and emotional buyers who may not be actively looking but prepared to move if the right property comes along….and that could be yours.
  8. Property brochures and drop cards – these are a great take away at open for inspections, to display in your agent’s office window and as letter box drops
  9. And Finally, Agent database marketing – your agent will also promote your property to their database of active buyers in the local market.
Your agent is the best person to talk to about what they think you should do but being informed is important too so make sure you spend time discussing and creating the best marketing campaign for your property.

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