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Open for inspection day checklist

Open for inspection day checklist

By Sarah Lefebvre on Nov 19 2018

The day is here…prospective buyers are going to have the opportunity to inspect your property for the first time.
You’ve done all the important preparation so now it’s really only about the final finishing touches:
  • Wipe down kitchen and bathroom bench tops
  • Dry out sink
  • Turn off electrical devices such as TV and computers
  • Leave toilet seats down
  • Put a fresh toilet roll on the holder
  • Add clean plush towels to bathroom towel rails
  • Ensure all beds are made (think hospital corners) and pillows and cushions are plumped up
  • Turn on all internal lights and lamps
  • Hide or lock up valuables    
  • Open all the windows (unless it is blowing a gale)
  • Open all the doors
  • Open all the blinds and curtains
  • Remove smells that are unpleasant like old shoes and avoid eating food that has a strong smell
  • Empty all garbage bins
  • Put outdoor furniture cushions on chairs and if sunny put up the umbrella
  • Remove all mail and flyers from the letterbox
  • Park the cars in the garage or out of the driveway
  • If the day is hot, turn the air conditioning on (not too cold) or turn the fans on low
  • If the day is cold turn the heaters on…not bar heaters though

Paper work

Make sure all relevant paperwork is available for those super keen buyers.  Such as renovation history, pest and building inspection documentation, approval for development etc.

Home security

Do not let anyone into your property without your agent (us) being present

Head out

  • It's important that all residents along with the pets are out of the property for the inspection 30 minutes before the open home
  • Have a timetable of all planned inspections somewhere central so you know when you need to make yourself scarce
  • Have a bag ready to go so you can leave quickly (this is also handy for unplanned inspections)
  • Before leaving do a quick walk through and tidy up any last minute items / toys that maybe lying around
  • Go and have a deserve it!

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