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First Home Buyers Guides for your State

Buying real estate for the first time differs in each state and territory in Australia.  To help all you first home buyers, we have compiled the following in-depth state and territory guides for first home buyers. 

These guides walk you through the different ways you can buy in your state or territory, what type of research you should do and where to get it, where to find a property, your relevant first home owners grant and what you need to do to claim it.  We summarise the costs of buying real estate and provide an overview of state and territory rules around real estate contracts, conveyancing and settlements.

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First Home Buyers Guide for Victoria

Buying a first home can be a daunting, difficult process. You may have heard of certain concessions to help get your foot on the ladder as a first-time buyer, but could be uncertain as to what they are. We at LJ Hooker will help guide you through the finer points of buying a first home in Victoria. Here is a look at the complete buying process in Victoria, the different ways to buy, costs of buying, how to research the market, The Victorian first home owners grant, where to home hunt, what you should look for in a contract and more.

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First Home Buyers Guide for the ACT

If you are looking a buying your first home in the ACT but are unsure where to start, here is a look into the steps involved to buy in our nations capital. From clarifying the different ways you can buy a home, to the value of doing your research and where to look, through to home loans, the first home owner grant in the ACT, the costs of buying property, what goes into contracts and the settlement process.

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First Home Buyers Guide for NSW

Buying your first home is never easy, particularly in New South Wales, where home values tend to be higher than anywhere else in the country. How do you go about finding and buying your first property in NSW? Here is an detailed look at the different ways to buy a home in NSW, how to work out what you can afford, the first home owners grant in NSW, the hidden costs of buying, where to search for your home and the process of buying.

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