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Investing eBooks, Checklists and FAQ's

Since 1928 we have been helping people manage their investment properties and with over 130,000 properties under management totaling $75 billion we know a thing or two about how to help you maximise your investment return.

Here are some handy eBooks, checklists and FAQ's that we hope helps make your property investment dreams happen.

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Better Buying Guide

This in-depth buying real estate guide is here to help you whether it’s your second, third or tenth purchase and to give you a detailed description of each step. From understanding the process and the costs involved, to advice on how to do your research, what to look for in a property and what questions you should ask. Download now to find out how different buying methods work, what should be in your contract of sale and other considerations to make your next transaction run smoothly.

Apartment Inspection Checklist

Doing a thorough inspection is critical when you are looking at buying - but what do you need to look at? Here is our handy in-depth apartment / unit inspection checklist that walks you through each area of the property and shows you what to look for. From evaluating the outside area, the living space, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, laundry and parking this checklist has it all. Download it now.

House Inpsection Checklist

Our open house inspection checklist is your ultimate evaluation tool. This handy checklist will guide you through what to look for in each room and space of the property you are inspecting to help you determine if this is the home for you. It guides you through what to look for in each space of the property. From evaluating the land, the proximity to important services, rates and fees, features outside of the property, the living areas, bedrooms, bathrooms, the kitchen, laundry and garaging and car spaces. Download our handy checklist now.

Home Loan Glossary

We have prepared this complete list of home loan terms to help you make sense of the jargon and to help you with your investment property loan research.

Open for Inspection Planner

This handy planner has been created to help you manage your open home visits. It enables you to map out open for inspection times, property addresses, agent details and property prices to make the home hunting process easier.