'Always On' Strategy Delivers Exceptional Lead Generation and Consumer Engagement

Stephan Gervois

LJ Hooker continues to redefine industry standards with its innovative ‘Always On’ digital marketing strategy. In 2023, LJ Hooker provided an impressive 11,118 leads to its network, with 71.5 percent of consumers looking to sell and 28.5 percent looking for a new property manager.  

An 'Always On' strategy enables ongoing customer tracking, providing detailed insights into consumer behaviour, and continuous optimisation of marketing activities across various channels. This seamless integration further enhances the effectiveness of an ‘Always On’ approach, compared to seasonal campaigns, to maintain consumer engagement and brand loyalty. 

LJ Hooker Group’s General Manager of Marketing, Stephan Gervois, said: “Lead generation is at the core of our ‘Always On’ digital marketing strategy as we recognise its pivotal role in driving business growth and enhancing customer relationships.  

“We also understand how challenging it can be for agents and property managers to find new prospects in today’s evolving market. That’s why we strategically invest to cut through the noise on digital channels and keep our brand top of mind in local markets. 

“We deliver our offices quality leads at the right time to provide them with a market edge,” he said. 

According to Meta Business Suite analytics, LJ Hooker's paid social ads outperformed competitors by 30 percent in 2023, ensuring greater visibility and engagement with consumers. In the same period, LJ Hooker's ads reached an audience of 18 million, with nearly 40 percent of those viewers actively contemplating their choice of real estate brand. 

“Our commitment to digital innovation has been instrumental in our success. By creating engaging and impactful content, which focuses on customer life cycles, we’re ensuring that our brand resonates and connects with consumers during the consideration phase, ultimately making us the go-to-choice for their real estate needs,” said Mr Gervois.  

According to independent sources, including Meta Business Suite and Google Analytics, LJ Hooker is the industry leader in terms of service-based real estate branded content and was specifically searched more than 40,000 times per month by consumers in 2023. 

“Our search results speak for themselves. With more than 40,000 searches per month last year, it essentially means someone in Australia searched for LJ Hooker every minute, highlighting the brand's strong reputation and value in the market. 

“Adding value and creating new opportunities for our network is a top priority when we deliver and implement our content. This means we are always looking for fresh new ways to remain top of mind and attract new customer bases for our offices. 

“We do this by providing our network with on trend, relevant creative assets and content that they can push out on their own channels while also benefiting from our ‘Always On’ lead generation.” 

LJ Hooker will soon release a fresh collection of creative assets, featuring emotive imagery and messaging, crafted to resonate with consumers at various life stages and across diverse demographics. 

Mr Gervois said digital innovation is in the DNA of the LJ Hooker Group.  

“In the early 1990s, LJ Hooker was the first real estate brand to launch websites for its offices around Australia, and around the same time, was the first to create a CRM for the industry. 

“We were also the first to partner with Google on their search applications specifically for real estate and then Facebook to create an integrated digital and social strategy for our offices.  

“It was a big undertaking at the time, but it gave us a big advantage over anyone else in the industry. 

"Our goal is to continuously evolve and adapt to meet the changing needs of consumers.  

“By leveraging our new marketing assets, we are confident that LJ Hooker will not only remain at the forefront of the real estate industry but also deepen our understanding of consumers to enable us to better serve them,” Mr Gervois concluded. 

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