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If you are planning to move into a rental property, you'll want to start your search with a trusted and reputable agency.

LJ Hooker recognises the value of your time and we have a great range of tools at our disposal to help you customise your searches and maximise your results.


Many people choose to begin their rental property search online - but you may find that a mobile phone app is more convenient when you're on the go. Alternatively, you can meet with an LJ Hooker agent to discuss your options and find a property that suits you.


Once you have made your choice, you can quickly and easily complete your application online and pay a deposit - usually equivalent to two weeks' rent, although this can vary from landlord to landlord.


As soon as your application has been approved, you'll be able to prepare for your move. On the day you sign your lease, you will be expected to pay your bond, as well as your first rent payment.


You will also have to complete your condition report and set up your utilities and other services - your LJ Hooker agent can assist you with this process if you prefer.


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Take the Money Personality Quiz!

Take the Money Personality Quiz!

With the risk of simplifying the complexities of human behaviour, we have provided 4 primary Money Personality preferences - the Labrador, Monkey, Owl and Dolphin.


After you have completed the questions you will be able to review which animal shares your Primary Money Personality preference, which is second in line and so on.

Australians are better off than they were in past decades?

Australians are better off than they were in past decades?

A new industry report from AMP suggests that many Australians are better off in the modern day than they were in past decades.


Will this be enough to tempt experienced homeowners and first time buyers who are worried about the change in lifestyle that comes from being financially responsible for their own property.



Liveability: Live the Life You Want, Sustainably

Liveability: Live the Life You Want, Sustainably

Liveability is an initiative that supports people to make the sustainability choices that are right for them.

The LJ Hooker Sustainability team and our knowledge partners are dedicated to providing the very best information to help you make sense of sustainability and your home.

From energy and water efficiency, new products and rebates to resources, research and energy rating.