How to Make an Upcycled Ottoman With Geneva Vanderzeil


I’m always looking at items within my home that I can upcycle and give a whole new purpose. I’ve had this side table for a while and thought it could be transformed into a perfect ottoman.

What you need

To make this ottoman, you will need
  • Side table
  • A circular wooden panel
  • Upholstery fabric
  • Batting
  • Foam
  • Staples
  • Staple gun
  • Scissors
Fabric glue

Approximate time: 1.5 hour (excluding drying time)
Difficulty: ★★☆☆☆

The project step by step

Step #1

Trace the wooden panel onto the foam and cut it out.

Step #2

Place the foam on top of a piece of batting and place the wooden panel on top.

Step #3

Using the staple gun, fold up the batting and attach it to the underside of the wooden panel. Staple all and trim the edges.

Step #4

Place this on top of the upholstery fabric and trim to fit. Use your staple gun to attach the fabric to the underside of your padded circle. You can also add another layer of fabric to make it steam-lined underneath.

Step #5

Now it’s time to work on the body of the ottoman. Place on top of your batting and attach with your staple gun.

Step #6

Cut a piece of upholstery fabric to size and spray well with your adhesive. Spray the base of your ottoman and let it dry for a bit. Once your adhesive is tacky, roll the material onto the fabric.

Step # 7

Staple the edges to your base and then add the top by gluing it on or screwing it from the inside. And here you have it, this ottoman is a fabulous addition to your living space!

You can see the video of this project’s step-by-step here. And for more inspiration, DIY projects and styling tips, don't forget to follow our Instagram account!


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