How to Make a Terrazzo Mirror With Geneva Vanderzeil


After finding an arched mirror at my local hardware store, I knew I had to do something fun with it. I had some leftover terrazzo pieces from a previous project which were going to be perfect to create a colourful and on-trend frame.

This is a very simple project to make and a fabulous addition to your front entry or anywhere in your home!

What you need

To make this terrazzo mirror, you will need: 

  • MDF board
  • Arched mirror 
  • Pieces of stone in variety of textures 
  • Liquid Nails  
  • Wide set grout and applicator  
  • A mallet 
  • A large cloth 
  • Dry and wet sponge 
  • Roller  
  • Nails 

Approximate time: 3 hours (excluding drying times)
Difficulty: ★★★☆☆

The project step by step  

Step #1 

The first thing is to cut an MDF board into a frame. I traced out the mirror on my board and went to work with my jigsaw, leaving only the frame at the end.

Step #2 

You can use any stone when creating a terrazzo finish, such as chips of marble, granite and quartz. I’m using a selection of black, white and grey. It is always good when you can use leftover items from an old project. This time, however, I needed to make my pieces smaller to fit the frame. Using a mallet and a cloth, I was able to break up the stone into the perfect size.  The cloth is important as it protects you from being hit by any flying piece of stone. 

Step #3 

Sort out where all your pieces of stone will look best on the frame. Be sure to evenly distribute the varying stones and colours. I love this part, although I always feel tempted to keep rearranging. 

Step #4 

Once you are happy with your arrangement use Liquid Nails to glue them all down. Allow a few hours to let it dry. 

Step #5 

Next grout around the stone. I am using a wide set grout, which is a cement-based product and ideal for filling in the gaps of 5mm – 50mm. I made it slightly thicker than usual but it worked well tying all my elements together. 

Step #6 

Let your stonework dry for a few hours before wiping off the excess grout with a wet cloth. 

Step #7 

Leave your frame for a few days to allow it to be completely set before buffing it with a dry sponge. 

Step #8 

The final step is to glue the frame onto the mirror using Liquid Nails. Carefully lift the mirror into position and let it dry overnight. And there you have it, a somewhat easy terrazzo mirror!

You can see the video of this project’s step-by-step here. And for more inspiration, DIY projects and styling tips, don't forget to follow our Instagram account!


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